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I was 18 years old (!) when the original ThunderCats (produced by Rankin-Bass) premiered in 1985. I was filled with joy and expected great action to happen whenever I saw commercials for it. But when I saw the first couple of episodes, I wasn’t impressed as much as I thought I was going to be. There were some redeeming qualities, like the intro (most action series in the mid-1980s had iconically awesome intros), Topcraft and Pacific Animation Corporation’s animation, and a few great episodes, but it was nothing to really write home about. Some of the characters were aggravating, like Snarf constantly talking up a storm, and WilyKat & WilyKit being around (never liked the older versions at all). 130 episodes in and I basically concluded that it was a very cheesy series, and that I could only watch it every now and again just to remember how cheesy it was).

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Click image to see the initial series trailer from April.

I have never watched a complete episode of the original Thundercats series created by Rankin/Bass Productions. Everything I know about the original comes from tales of an annoying thing called Snarf and internet orgasms proclaiming the majesty of the show: I have no first-hand knowledge about the predecessor to the upcoming program. That said, I feel that I’m just as excited as everyone else for this reboot. There is no memories of watching these humanoid cats on Saturday mornings, but I’m still pumped for the July premiere. I don’t know myself the atmosphere of the original show, but I’m still amazed by where they are going with the new one. I’ve never had to deal with the annoying Snarf of the original, but I still somehow breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered he wouldn’t be talking this time around.


Salutations dreamers and true believers, my name is Andrew Thomas Hingson but on the internet they call me Sketch, Sketchor or The Sketchor but I prefer Sketch. I’m an animation enthusiast and an amateur voice actor and I aspire to create my own comics and cartoons some day.

In the meantime I continue to do my research *coughsquandertimewatchingcartoonscough* and have devoted countless hours to speaking about my various passions in life not the least of which are animation and comics. I hope you will find my ramblings to have some level of insight but more importantly I hope that they entertain you because that’s what I’m here for to discuss some of my favorite topics and do my best to amuse you the reader. Let us begin.

I have a great many different topics I would like to touch on in the coming months and I may dabble between reviews, opinion pieces and most likely some count downs and retrospectives but for my first contribution to The Scratch Pad I decided to discuss everyone’s favorite on again off again animation channel The Cartoon Network. More specifically their latest programming decisions and some of the news from the 2010 Upfront presentation.