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It’s 2013. It’s been 2013 for quite a while now. And from upcoming films to comics to television series, we have a lot to look forward to and a lot to discuss in the next 12 months. But before we can completely get into the 2013 groove, we have to reflect on the previous year first. So while this article is several days late, it’s time to share with you all the thoughts and emotions we had on some of bigger events that rocked the worlds of ink-and-paint entertainment back in 2012. Well, the ones that we cared about, anyway. While we have recorded an episode of the ScratchCast for your listening “pleasure”…the audio from the second half was kinda messed up. Wasn’t good at all. And that just gave me more incentive to have a…let’s say transcribed version of it (my thoughts are separate from the “transcribed” version). That said, you can listen to the 20 minutes of the podcast I could salvage and/or click that “Read the rest of this entry” button for a more visual than auditory experience. Also, check out that short blooper reel. It’s fun.


Well, I think all we animation fans are well-aware of what happened back in late May. Toonami came back to our television screens, once again featuring awesome anime and commentary from a robot. And…it was pretty sweet. The whole internet was ablaze with complete and utter joy, us at the ScratchCast included. This episode, recorded on May 27th, has us showcase our memories of the cartoon tidal wave in its Cartoon Network days, and our hopes for the block in its Adult Swim return. And we have a lot of memories and hopes. From crushes on Wicked Lady to our love of Deadman Wonderland, we spill all our thoughts surrounding everything involving our main man and the Absolution. On a side-note, next episode will be Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday night, for obvious Toonami-related reasons.

P.S. The song at the beginning is Uncaged Czarina, and it serves as our theme song. And so we won’t have to pay $10 every time we use it…Free Royalty Free Music by

P.P.S. Toonami: Adult Swim Edition has been airing for an entire summer. Did you enjoy Deadman Wonderland? Are you enjoying Casshern Sins? What shows do you want to see in the future?  Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, via email, or in the comments below!

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Not too long ago I stumbled upon an interesting show on The History Channel called Life After People. It used scientific findings to predict what life “after people” would be like for planet earth. Well I don’t have any scientific findings here but I thought I’d apply their gimmick to a post mortem timeline for the late great Toonami block. It’s been over 2 years and much has changed. In fact, so much has changed that a lot of people probably did not even notice everything that has happened since Toonami was taken off the air. Action animation and anime have found new venues and are now more available to viewers than ever before. So without further ado I present to you, life after Toonami.

Hey guys, it’s me: Dragonpiece. You may know me from Twitter, Facebook, Toonzone or many other forums and sites around the web. Anime, regardless if you have heard the word or not, you know about it. You have watched Pokémon as a kid, you have played your fair share of Yu-Gi-Oh! duels, and you remember when Tai and the others first witnessed the creatures known as Digimon. Everyone has had their experiences with it, and it has been embedded into their hearts as childhood nostalgia. But is that all it will ever be in America? (more…)

Today you get a double whammy with my second entry right after the first. What can I say, inspiration comes when it wants to.

In September of 2008, Cartoon Network stopped broadcasting their long-standing Toonami action animation block and shortly there after they ended their deal with Viz Media and shut down Toonami Jetstream. Since then Naruto has found a new home on Disney XD and Dragonball Z Kai was picked up by Nicktoons Network along with a new Voltron series letting the legacy of Toonami live on elsewhere but when 4Kids announced they would also be airing Dragonball Z Kai on their soon to be branded Toonzai block I had my first suspicions that 4Kids was on the verge of creating a block inspired by the popular Toonami block which last just over decade and made the anime industry in the US what is today.