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PrtSc’d the banner from the AWA website.

This Thursday, I will be in Atlanta, GA, attending Anime Weekend Atlanta. AWA is an anime/manga convention and one of the biggest in the United States. In past years, I saw previews to/full-length episodes of fabled Toonami original anime IGPX, the English dub to my favorite series Claymore, and the dark and violent Rin. I saw the first installment of the 20th Century Boys film trilogy. I was at the panel where Cartoon Network representatives announced Toonami’s death while plugging Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I saw a feature-length AMV (aka AMV Hell 3). I also bought lots of stuff and took pictures, so there’s that. And, if you’ve been following me for some time, it was the con where I got those chibi Rei and Asuka plushies in piggy onesies. Because if I didn’t have a piece of Evangelion merchandise that completely missed the point of the series, then I am not a true anime fan in my eye.

From my first post in February 2011.

This year’s con has a nice selection of guests, including Ryo Horikawa (the voice of Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z), Johnny Yong Bosch (Bleach, Eureka Seven, Power Rangers), Trini Nishimura (Luna in Casshern Sins), Ayumi Kino (e-manga Magical Dreamers), Tim Eldred (storyboard artist for Avengers: EMH & Batman: The Brave And The Bold,, and visual-kei band heidi. The panels appear to be filled with variety, including those devoted to Japanese religion, a Pokemon vs Digimon debate, a “Fanfic or Fact?” Q&A involving Gundam Wing, two panels devoted to indie game series Touhou Project, and even a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel for some strange reason. There will also be the world premiere of the new Mass Effect anime movie, Paragon Lost, along with the dub debuts of Level E and Hellsing Ultimate Volume 5. And I will be there. Tweeting it to the best of my abilities. (more…)


Let me make this clear: I don’t hate My Life Me. I can’t hate this show, simply because it has a good concept behind it. An animated tweencom about a teenage girl that dreams of being an OEL manga artist. It’s simple and down-to-Earth: if you’ve ever been near a middle school or even a high school recently, you know how true-to-life that idea is. So yeah, I don’t hate the show. Not really. But the execution of the entire thing makes me groan. When I first learned about this little French-Canadian production a few weeks ago (just hours after I posted the SDCC podcast), I knew that I had to tackle this thing. And after trying to figure out how this flew past everyone’s radar, I realized that this couldn’t be done solo: I had to drag a few of the other Scratch Padders along with me…at least I wanted to, until I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t subject them to this show as well. So grab some Pocky and your Fullmetal Alchemist tote bag: it’s time to tackle this example of DeviantArt gone wrong (and after I praised it too).

…That was the original opening for this review. The original opening for a review done by the guy who reviewed both a medical horror with lovely fake-out sexual covers and a borderline hentai for this very site. The guy who loves reading MLP: Friendship is Magic BDSM fics starring Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. The guy who regularly jokes about being in a sexual relationship with Tomato Surprise. The guy who, on some level, you could believe that he was a little sane. Well, because of the words that I’m about to type, you won’t believe that bullshit any longer. For you see, I think that My Life Me is a good show. Head below the jump to…mock me, I suppose. Or you could read and see why I like it: your choice. (more…)


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It is always easier for me to write a review after learning about the ideas and decisions that went into making the series or film I’m about to write my thoughts on. Understanding what the creator and her/his was trying to do helps you get a better feel for how to examine the subject. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a review of My Life Me, so I thought that it would be a good idea to sit down with one of the series’ creators and ask her a couple of questions about her teenage slice-of-life comedy. Head below the jump for the Q&A.


Not counting my article considering animated series that I’d like to be renewed, since articles considering cancellation or renewal are the most popular on The Scratch Pad, the Franken Fran review that I re-posted here back in August is by far my most read piece of work on this website. Why? I believe that it is because very few people discuss it, so that post is where some people are getting their info about the manga. Ironically, the only reason I even learned that Franken Fran existed was because Y Ruler of Time stated he wasn’t going to review it in his Seven Sinful Series video from early 2009. Combining those two things have led to me making a certain decision: from now on, most of what I review will be obscure comics and manga that either no one knows much about or don’t want to touch with a thirty-nine and a half-foot pole. This could be considered a sister or follow-up review to Franken Fran in that aspect. Someone has to review this stuff, and it might as well be me. So, it is time to go behind-the-scenes of the eroge gaming industry…


Since school starts tomorrow for Tomato Surprise, I’ll be reposting this little number. — RacattackForce

If you are an English-speaker that is reading this article, then you have probably heard of this phrase at least once: “Never judge a book by its cover.” Quite simply, this means that we should judge a person or object not by their outer appearance, but by what they do or how it functions. And today we’re reviewing a Japanese comic that not only qualifies for this little saying, but also has an inside far more terrifying than its outside. The title in question? One of my favorite literary works, “Franken Fran”…