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Well, you don’t hear me for even five seconds in this episode, since I couldn’t get my microphone. However, this meant I could record the podcast and continue playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last weekend (if you have a Wii and you don’t own this title already, get it NOW, because it is complete and utter awesome). So, other than the part where everyone imitates the Fonz, I don’t feel that bad for not being able to speak this episode. But enough about me, more about this episode…in BULLET POINTS!

  • A handful of audio issues plagued the beginning of this podcast.
  • This episode is a callback to Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast, for we remember the lovely ride that was Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which was the first series that the NAOCP guys tackle.
  • This episode is also a callback to Notaku Diaries, since we also review the first two episodes of a recent anime series, Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls!
  • Superflash101 from Twitter joins us for the ride, along with some random Australian dude who sleeps through most of this thing.

P.S. The song at the beginning is Uncaged Czarina, and it shall serve as our theme song. And so we won’t have to pay $10 every time we use it…Free Royalty Free Music by

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