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The following is a guest post by TRSP friend Nexonius, over on Twitter.

They win when we say they win...

{Walks on stage}

{clears throat 3x}

Me: “Is this mic on?” “Testing…1,2,3. Testing….okay, everything’s on. Gather your seats kids, because we’re gonna talk about sports tonight.”

Kid: “On ESPN or Fox Sports Net?”

Me: “Neither.”

Kid: “Disney XD?”

Me: “How about Cartoon Network?”

Kid: “Uh……no. When’s the Kids Choice Awards again?”



Tower Prep is a failure. Cartoon Network’s newest live-action series has been a complete ratings flop, despite relentless advertising campaigns that included an iPod Touch giveaway. I don’t know what Cartoon Network is looking for, but this show clearly does not have it. Last night, I watched an episode of Tower Prep, and while I was far from impressed, I have to admit it was creative, fun, and perfectly watchable. But the main lasting impression I got from watching Tower Prep was that the people in charge, both the creator and the executives, were fish-out-of-water. They certainly wanted it to succeed, and they wanted it to be good too. They just didn’t know what they were doing.