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It was DC that planted the seeds.
It was Marvel that grew the trees.
It was Image that scorched the lands.
And DC blasts the ruins with sand.

As of this writing, the DCnU has just started with the release of Justice League #1. And as I enter a comic shop with slight interest, I gaze upon piles of unsold issues covering the shelves like a tumor on the mind. Whatever customers there simply look at these new comics before going for what Marvel or an indie publisher has in-store. Even when checking a day later, these issues remain unsold and cluttered like maggots. DC may have wanted their rebirth to start with a bang, but it seems to have ended up being a murmur at best.



The following is a guest article by Alexis Bonari.

From the vast shadow of an animation and storytelling wizard rose . . . a mediocre director.

Well, maybe that’s not fair. I believe Ursula K. Le Guin, author of the original Earthsea fantasy series, put it best: the film Tales from Earthsea as directed by Gorō Miyazaki was a result of “when too much responsibility was shouldered by someone not equipped for it.”


The following is a guest post by TRSP friend Nexonius, over on Twitter.

They win when we say they win...

{Walks on stage}

{clears throat 3x}

Me: “Is this mic on?” “Testing…1,2,3. Testing….okay, everything’s on. Gather your seats kids, because we’re gonna talk about sports tonight.”

Kid: “On ESPN or Fox Sports Net?”

Me: “Neither.”

Kid: “Disney XD?”

Me: “How about Cartoon Network?”

Kid: “Uh……no. When’s the Kids Choice Awards again?”


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What is it you like most about walking into your favorite comic book store? Is it the cool stuff you see scattered all over the store that you wish you had the cash to buy? Is it the smell of fresh comic books that have been recently opened and set on the shelves mixed with the smell of the back issue bins? Is it the great characters that grace the walls and the windows that draw dorks of all ages into the store to spend their hard earned money? Well, for me it is probably a mix of all the reasons I have just mentioned…

Tower Prep is a failure. Cartoon Network’s newest live-action series has been a complete ratings flop, despite relentless advertising campaigns that included an iPod Touch giveaway. I don’t know what Cartoon Network is looking for, but this show clearly does not have it. Last night, I watched an episode of Tower Prep, and while I was far from impressed, I have to admit it was creative, fun, and perfectly watchable. But the main lasting impression I got from watching Tower Prep was that the people in charge, both the creator and the executives, were fish-out-of-water. They certainly wanted it to succeed, and they wanted it to be good too. They just didn’t know what they were doing.


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Hello there! I’m J!!!/Cirno64 from ToonZone, and I wanted to do a guest post on The Scratch Pad today! This is my first ever attempt at an, erm, “editorial”, so please keep that in mind while reading!


I’m pretty sure that, by now, you’ve heard the rumors flying around that Nickelodeon is looking into picking up more Funimation anime to air on their networks because of Dragon Ball Z Kai’s high ratings (Toonzai/4Kids are also looking, but I want to focus on Nickelodeon in this article). This is great, because it could spark a new era for anime on U.S. television, and bring forth a new generation of anime fans that would be interested in stuff other than Naruto and Bleach.

But, here’s the real question I wanted to answer with you guys today: does Funimation have any other series that Nick would be interested in airing? Funimation has a ton of other series they could air, but most of them are geared at an audience older than children. Do they have anything else, though, that could be successful with children?

That’s why I’ve gone and compiled a list for you ScratchPad Faithfuls of 5 anime that I think Nick could air on their networks (with some editing) that could probably garner decent ratings, if given time to grow and find an audience. Oh, and keep in mind that I have seen all these series before. So, I’m not just going and finding a series they have that LOOKS like it’s for children and then saying “Hey, this could work!”

Also keep in mind that this list isn’t in any order of importance or anything, it’s just a few series I think could air and be successful. Now, let’s begin~