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Yeah, not going to lie. The reason this is late is because I’m a lazy bastard who would rather play Bastion then finish editing a 90 minute podcast. This was supposed to go up on Friday night…then it got bumped to Saturday. Then Sunday. Then Monday. At least this thing is finally up and I’m done with my mid-terms. This podcast was recorded before DC officially revealed their new logo, so our discussion treats it as mainly a rumour. Also expect bitching about the non-rumour of Rob Liefeld being put in charge of three DC Comics series. There’s also discussion on the layoffs at Media Blasters (and how the American anime industry is basically going to crap), the upcoming Saturday-nigh Fox animation block, and pizza and calzones. This is an awkward episode that I couldn’t really edit. There are so many audio glitches and stupidity that overlaps will things we say and just ugh. Barking dogs,  Sketch turning into a robot…so the entire thing is a raw cut. Hopefully we’ll get better next episode. Speaking of next episode, we’re making some changes to the ScratchCast.

Starting next week, the ScratchCast will be divided into two separate podcasts that will alternate each week. One will be a news podcast, which is pretty self-explanatory. The other will be our feature podcast, where we’ll continue to talk about random crap loosely tied into a main topic.

P.S. The song at the beginning is Uncaged Czarina, and it serves as our theme song. And so we won’t have to pay $10 every time we use it…Free Royalty Free Music by

P.P.S. What were YOUR thoughts on the recent changes at DC Comics? Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, via email, or in the comments below!

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This episode was recorded on Thursday night, and we had some…problems with it. Not just the occasional wind tunnel sounds that you’ll hear while listening, or the bizarre echo-filled closing. No, I’m talking about the 30 minutes it took for all of us to get our act together and start the episode. There was arguing and random laughter, Jon got pissed at everyone, and I screamed in anger for the first time in months. Not a good start to an end-of-the-year episode, and our first one at that. But while hastily editing this episode for tonight, I found myself feeling like this 2-hour long episode was very enjoyable. Hell, not only did we have TomatoSurprise, ToonFaithful, and Sketch, but also Mr. Wednesday from Animation Revelation and Thomas Blalock from Twitter. And dammit, despite the rough start, we had some fun doing this episode and every single one in the past: especially the “lost” episode nine of Notaku Diaries.

Thanks for listening to all the insane and stupid crap we put out this year, from Notaku Diaries, to Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast, to those weird WRSP thingys, and finally the ScratchCast. Here’s hoping that we continue to act like fools in the future…as well as improve our quality. See y’all next year!

P.S. The song at the beginning is Uncaged Czarina, and it serves as our theme song. And so we won’t have to pay $10 every time we use it…Free Royalty Free Music by

P.S.S. What were YOUR favorite parts of 2011? Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, via email, or in the comments below!

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Sorry for the extreme lateness, as this was supposed to be up last week. Either way, Tomato and Elliot did tackle all the #1 issues of the New 52. As quoted by Elliot for this episode:

Join us for the 4th and final week of the #1′s where we discuss Aquaman, All Star Western, Fury of Firestorm, and Justice League Dark; Do we love these comics? Can Gail Simone go two for two? Did the insanity that was the strip club make us rage when we reached Voodoo #1. Is Diane as crazy as me and Tomato? This weeks Diane “Tranimation” Tran
The Following contains strong language and may not be suitable for all ears. But you know you’re going to anyway so listen away

Title card art is by Jermey Conrad. This episode’s guest, Diane Tran, also has a DeviantArt account. The theme song used for this episode is “Euphoric Ecstasy” by DJ Link (free on NewGrounds | NG Profile | SoundCloud). If you are or represent DJ Link and believe that this isn’t FairUse, contact Elliot on Twitter or via email (


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Join Elliot Shade and Diane “Tranimation” Tran as we finish off the two worst comic books to come out of week 3 of The DC Universe “New 52″ and listen as we discuss why you shouldn’t boycott all of DC for two titles.

Listener Warning: The Views and opinions of this podcast are strong and could be offensive to some viewers, please if you are sensitive to vulgar language turn away now
or you know, because you read the warning you could listen to it all the way through just sayin

(this episode was supposed to be done soon after the Cat Trap one but for one reason or another got caught in limbo for a while)

The title art is, again, from Diane Tran; she has a DeviantArt account and a Twitter. Music is “Hard To Handle” from The Black Crowes via the album Shake Your Money Maker. (iTunes | Amazon | Band Website). If you are a member of the band, represent the band’s management, or own the rights to the song and don’t believe that this was used under Fair Use guidelines, contact Elliot via Twitter (@shadowsofthot) or email (

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Welcome to episode three of this craziness folks, this week has been a rather controversial week for the DC New 52. With Catwoman shocking all we focus our attention on DC Universe Presents, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Did we love them? Did we hate them? Can you understand Softly Spoken Las? Join Elliot Shade and Tomato Surprise as we try to decipher what the hell is going on.

Softly Spoken Las, aka Linsay Powell, is also a part of Comics Anonymous, a blog devoted to reviewing comics and specifically DC’s New 52. Title card art was done by Jeremy Conrady.

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Elliot Shade has created a bonus side-episode of Reboot Recovery called, well, Reboot Supplemental. Here, let him explain:

Join me Elliot Shade with my friend Diane N Tran, as we discuss.. i.e Rage over the new Catwoman Title by Judd Winick; why do we hate it so much? Well listen in, I swear you can hear us ripping it apart literally.

After the break is the quote Judd made that Elliot mentioned. The title art was made by Diane Tran. The song used is “Catwoman” by Anastasia Midnight (download the song | Twitter | YouTube). Again, LANGUAGE WARNING!

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Nothing much to say here. Tomato is back and talking up a storm. I return to being the quiet one who laughs a lot (while I’m there at least. I leave partway during Part Four). TetrisDork butchers the names of a few characters, writers, and artists. Dragonpiece is confused about what is going 70% of the time. ToonFaithful listens to us and tries to put in his humourous two-cents. And Don East is Don East.  And we all get into a debate over the Teen Titans animated series, and other random stuff. All-in-all? Normal podcast episode. But if you must know…I didn’t edit this much. Schoolwork mixed with general laziness means that I ended up just cutting the initial conversations we had before we did the podcast proper. So you don’t get to hear me freak out over dying several times in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. or at Tetris playing a high-frequency buzzer for several seconds. I apologize for that. But you do get to hear all our flubs, so that’s a plus. I don’t know when the next WRSP podcast is going to be, but I do know that we need a better name for it than that.

September 21th Lineup

September 28th Lineup and Q&A

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