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Let me make this clear: I don’t hate My Life Me. I can’t hate this show, simply because it has a good concept behind it. An animated tweencom about a teenage girl that dreams of being an OEL manga artist. It’s simple and down-to-Earth: if you’ve ever been near a middle school or even a high school recently, you know how true-to-life that idea is. So yeah, I don’t hate the show. Not really. But the execution of the entire thing makes me groan. When I first learned about this little French-Canadian production a few weeks ago (just hours after I posted the SDCC podcast), I knew that I had to tackle this thing. And after trying to figure out how this flew past everyone’s radar, I realized that this couldn’t be done solo: I had to drag a few of the other Scratch Padders along with me…at least I wanted to, until I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t subject them to this show as well. So grab some Pocky and your Fullmetal Alchemist tote bag: it’s time to tackle this example of DeviantArt gone wrong (and after I praised it too).

…That was the original opening for this review. The original opening for a review done by the guy who reviewed both a medical horror with lovely fake-out sexual covers and a borderline hentai for this very site. The guy who loves reading MLP: Friendship is Magic BDSM fics starring Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. The guy who regularly jokes about being in a sexual relationship with Tomato Surprise. The guy who, on some level, you could believe that he was a little sane. Well, because of the words that I’m about to type, you won’t believe that bullshit any longer. For you see, I think that My Life Me is a good show. Head below the jump to…mock me, I suppose. Or you could read and see why I like it: your choice. (more…)


I was 18 years old (!) when the original ThunderCats (produced by Rankin-Bass) premiered in 1985. I was filled with joy and expected great action to happen whenever I saw commercials for it. But when I saw the first couple of episodes, I wasn’t impressed as much as I thought I was going to be. There were some redeeming qualities, like the intro (most action series in the mid-1980s had iconically awesome intros), Topcraft and Pacific Animation Corporation’s animation, and a few great episodes, but it was nothing to really write home about. Some of the characters were aggravating, like Snarf constantly talking up a storm, and WilyKat & WilyKit being around (never liked the older versions at all). 130 episodes in and I basically concluded that it was a very cheesy series, and that I could only watch it every now and again just to remember how cheesy it was).

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