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Well, you don’t hear me for even five seconds in this episode, since I couldn’t get my microphone. However, this meant I could record the podcast and continue playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last weekend (if you have a Wii and you don’t own this title already, get it NOW, because it is complete and utter awesome). So, other than the part where everyone imitates the Fonz, I don’t feel that bad for not being able to speak this episode. But enough about me, more about this episode…in BULLET POINTS!

  • A handful of audio issues plagued the beginning of this podcast.
  • This episode is a callback to Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast, for we remember the lovely ride that was Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which was the first series that the NAOCP guys tackle.
  • This episode is also a callback to Notaku Diaries, since we also review the first two episodes of a recent anime series, Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls!
  • Superflash101 from Twitter joins us for the ride, along with some random Australian dude who sleeps through most of this thing.

P.S. The song at the beginning is Uncaged Czarina, and it shall serve as our theme song. And so we won’t have to pay $10 every time we use it…Free Royalty Free Music by

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Join Elliot Shade and Diane “Tranimation” Tran as we finish off the two worst comic books to come out of week 3 of The DC Universe “New 52″ and listen as we discuss why you shouldn’t boycott all of DC for two titles.

Listener Warning: The Views and opinions of this podcast are strong and could be offensive to some viewers, please if you are sensitive to vulgar language turn away now
or you know, because you read the warning you could listen to it all the way through just sayin

(this episode was supposed to be done soon after the Cat Trap one but for one reason or another got caught in limbo for a while)

The title art is, again, from Diane Tran; she has a DeviantArt account and a Twitter. Music is “Hard To Handle” from The Black Crowes via the album Shake Your Money Maker. (iTunes | Amazon | Band Website). If you are a member of the band, represent the band’s management, or own the rights to the song and don’t believe that this was used under Fair Use guidelines, contact Elliot via Twitter (@shadowsofthot) or email (

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Welcome to episode three of this craziness folks, this week has been a rather controversial week for the DC New 52. With Catwoman shocking all we focus our attention on DC Universe Presents, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Did we love them? Did we hate them? Can you understand Softly Spoken Las? Join Elliot Shade and Tomato Surprise as we try to decipher what the hell is going on.

Softly Spoken Las, aka Linsay Powell, is also a part of Comics Anonymous, a blog devoted to reviewing comics and specifically DC’s New 52. Title card art was done by Jeremy Conrady.

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Nothing much to say here. Tomato is back and talking up a storm. I return to being the quiet one who laughs a lot (while I’m there at least. I leave partway during Part Four). TetrisDork butchers the names of a few characters, writers, and artists. Dragonpiece is confused about what is going 70% of the time. ToonFaithful listens to us and tries to put in his humourous two-cents. And Don East is Don East.  And we all get into a debate over the Teen Titans animated series, and other random stuff. All-in-all? Normal podcast episode. But if you must know…I didn’t edit this much. Schoolwork mixed with general laziness means that I ended up just cutting the initial conversations we had before we did the podcast proper. So you don’t get to hear me freak out over dying several times in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. or at Tetris playing a high-frequency buzzer for several seconds. I apologize for that. But you do get to hear all our flubs, so that’s a plus. I don’t know when the next WRSP podcast is going to be, but I do know that we need a better name for it than that.

September 21th Lineup

September 28th Lineup and Q&A

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This was originally supposed to be a full podcast that was a Part 2 to the first one. However, it turns out that none of us knows the meaning of the term “Lightning Round,” since the entire Buyer’s Guide had to be divided into four parts, each 40-60 minutes in length. It’s probably for the best though, since you guys get a better idea about how we feel about each title. Each segment covers one week: Part 1 covers Sept. 7 (aka today), Part 2 covers Sept. 14, etc. The last two parts will be posted on Sept. 21st, so be on the lookout for that.

During these first two parts, Tetris is talking through his iPod, so some of what he says near the beginning of the recording is covered up slightly by static. This clears itself up later on, though. Also of note is the fact that I speak for more than a minute…in fact, there are points where I just go crazy and don’t shut up, especially when we talk about Rob Liefeld. Toon is there throughout the first part, but chooses not to say a word until the second. TomatoSurprise and Shadows of Thot were supposed to be on these parts, but…things came up for both of them. The former recorded his thoughts on these first 26 comics though, and you can listen to them below.

September 7th Lineup

September 14th Lineup

BONUS: Tomato shares his thoughts on both lineups.

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As promised, we got together to share our feelings on the whole DC Universe reboot. In Part One, which was recorded on the 26th, we focus on the entire experiment as a whole, debating the good and bad aspects of it, as well as our initial feelings when we first learned about the reboot and how they have changed over the past few months. If you are more interested in hearing our thoughts on the individual comics, since they all happened to hit store shelves (both physically and digitally) today, then just wait until next Wednesday for Part Two of this “joint podcast thing.” The outro is the unused theme for a 60s Batgirl series.

On a general podcast note, we plan on merging Notaku Diaries and Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast into a single entity with the WRSP name come September…which means that the SDCC 2011 ‘cast back in July was technically the first episode of this new project and this is the second. Of course, all the episodes of Notaku and NAOCP that haven’t been posted will be posted eventually, hopefully before the fourth episode of WRSP.

P.S. – Since Tomato never gave me that link, I had to find those DC Comics sales charts myself.  And here are the charts from January to June 2011 (couldn’t find July or August). So yeah, you can see why they took such a gamble with this relaunch. And while it seems to be a success so far, we just have to wait and see how it does in the long-run…man, I say far more in the production notes than I do in…almost every podcast episode really. Also, here’s the ad that DC made to promote the comics…yeah, no comment there.


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So, I’m bored & I love “Batman The Brave & Bold” so I figured “what the hell” and wrote a review of a recent episode I enjoyed.  Now note, this particular episode has yet to air in the US but it’s  available to download from iTunes, Zune, PSN, & (more…)