ScratchCast Episode List

Sometimes we decide that there is a topic we should tackle that’s far too big for one person to do alone. Sometimes we are just bored and realize that something needs to be posted. In any case, what comes out of those decisions are hour-plus long discussions on Skype based around some topic or another, which is then edited and uploaded. In simpler terms? We do a podcast every once in a while. So below is a list of 60-80 minute episodes of animation-and-comic book geeks shooting the breeze about whatever they find interesting. Oh, and if you are ONLY interested in our podcasts, then Tetris maintains ScratchCast feed.


  1. San Diego Comic Con 2011 Discussion – The first post-Notaku and NAOCP podcast recorded, the gang comes together to discuss some of the more interesting events that occurred at one of the biggest entertainment conventions in North America: mainly everything Marvel-related and some The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra stuff.
  2. DCnU: The New 52 (Part 1) – We manage to grab co-founder Tomato Surprise back in order to discuss our initial feelings and reactions to the megaton reboot of the DC comic universe. Some good laughs are had while we debate over not only the good and bad aspects of the relaunch, but also if the entire thing is even necessary.
  3. DCnU: The New 52 Buyer’s Guide (Parts 1 and 2) – We rundown the list of the DCnU releases, covering the first two weeks, and recommend which ones you guys should check out or avoid like the plague. Since this little podcast was four hours long, we’ve divided it into four parts, one for each week.
  4. DCnU: The New 52 Buyer’s Guide (Parts 3 and 4) – Now joined by TomatoSurprise, we all continue running down the list of DCnU releases, covering the last 25 of the New 52. We also do a Q&A segment that, combined with everything else, ends up making the entire Buyer’s Guide a total over FIVE HOURS.
ScratchCast (Season One)
  1. The New #1 – We gather together to say our final thoughts on everything related to Notaku Diaries and Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast before Tetris talks about his time at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011, Racattack lets the others share their views on My Life Me, and everyone chats about DC Nation.
  2. New York Comic-Con 2011 ESPECTACULARRRRRR!  It looks like we can never have a normal episode as we discuss all the exciting things that happened in New York Comic Con plus discuss random news….yes, random news. Listen for yourself and tell us in the comments how we can do better. PLEASE! This isn’t your usual “rate and comment”!
  3. Don is Tired – In this episode, we discuss this fall’s new young adult-targeted animated comedies, from the perfect revival of Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head to the disappointing  Animation Domination new kid Allen Gregory. Other things include Don being tired and Rac discovering The Amazing Race is still on-air.
  4. Spoiler Alert! Batman is Still Bruce Wayne – In this episode, the gang gets together to reminisce about how NAOCP canceled Batman: The Brave and the Bold  the recently deceased Batman: The Brave and the Bold. We also go into Notaku Diaries mode and review the first 2 episodes of the anime, Majiko Oh! Samurai Girls!  Hilarity for this episode ensured.
  5. A Dysfunctional Scratch Pad Christmas –  Dragonpiece finally returns to chat with us again as we attempt to sing Christmas carols, acknowledge deaths, and share our favorite Christmas specials. Here’s wishing you a merry Christmas, a blessed Hanukkah, a kicking Kwanzaa, and just an overall awesome holiday season!
  6. One Year Later  – We gather everyone whose been a part of the Scratch Pad, as well as a few Twitter friends, to sip some wine and reminisce on the animation/comic events of the past year, as well as wonder what is to come. From DC: The New 52 to Peanuts to ponies, we close out the year in our now-signature haphazard style.
  7. Welcome To The Apocalypse – On another zany episode of the podcast, we discuss a whole lot of DC Comics news,  Anime industry 2012 collapse, upcoming Saturday night Fox-Adult Swim block, Sketch becomes a robot and we get off topic WAY too much! Sounds like a usual episode of the Scratch Cat
  8. Archer + Unsupervised= Dynamite! – This time the gang talks adult animation with FX original animated series Archer and Unsupervised  and the new Fox animated series based off the 2004 live action film, Napoleon Dynamite! Rac gets talkative and crosses the line over a TV show, while Don takes a few power naps in preparation for the following day’s new MLP episode.
  9. Tangents in Disguise – Don and Sketch lead the gang (minus Rac, surprisingly) in a discussing the lovely history of the Transformers franchise as only 80’s kids can. Along the way, we find ourselves entangled with news of Hub schedule changes, erectile dysfunction, and more.
  10. Indie Fail – Due to some Twitter followers asking us to talk about more fringe stuff, we attempt to discuss the realm of independent comics. Sadly, there isn’t much success, due to Rac being microphone-shy and Marquis being new to the whole podcast thing. Rac later tries to make up for it with a short list of comic recommendations.
  11. The Podcastinatior – We recover from Rac’s hosting blunder by having Ryan W. Mead lead the group in an episode based around Phineas and Ferb, while a inebriated Don East does his best to help keep things flowing. What results can only be described as two hours of…surprisingly on-topic discussion.
  12. Flashback to the 2012 Upfront – The gang comes together to discuss all the goodies that all the kids networks revealed during the 2012 Cable Upfronts. From the praising of the Legend of Korra and Disney TVA’s animation renaissance, to utter confusion about what’s going on at Cartoon Network, we tackle it all.
  13. Return to the Amalgam Universe – With both DC and Marvel establishing new animation blocks, the Scratch Pad gang finds themselves debating which of the two stands as the best.
  14. #ToonamisBack – That folks, was the hashtag Twitter message, to celebrate TOM’s return to television (sans the “bitches” at the end). Due to most of us falling in love with action-animation or anime (or both) due to the amazing content of Cartoon Network’s Toonami block, it seemed fitting for us to get together and discuss of memories of the original cartoon tsunami, and share our hopes and dreams for the future of the Adult Swim iteration.
  15. San Diego Comic-Con 2012The Legend of Korra getting renewed for more 26 episodes, bringing the total to 52? Dreamworks’ Riders of Berk looking as lovely as the film and retaining the same cast? DC Comics unleashing a crapton of #0’s for all their series? News about the next season of My Little Pony!?!? It’s Comic-Con, ladies and gentlemen, and the crew is here to talk about the info that was laid out.
  16. JUDYLWB IDOOV – Three letters back. Ryan is back in the hosting chair help us talk about Disney Channel’s newest animated series, Gravity Falls. Does this show signal the grand return of Disney TV Animation, or is it just a another stroke of luck a la Phineas and Ferb? Either way, we love this show to death, and by the end of this episode, you might love it as well.
  17. 2012 Animation and Comics Retrospective

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