Guest Post Guidelines

If there is one thing we love doing at The [Real] Scratch Pad, it’s entertaining you guys on a normal basis by getting some awesome stuff posted. But sometimes, there is a huge dry spell when none of us really know what write or talk about. That’s where you guys come in. When we are no longer to create awesome content, we help you guys share your awesome content. An editorial, a review, a fancy video, an audio thingamajig, whatever. You guys have great ideas for articles and such, so why not let us help you share them? So if you want to write a guest article for The [Real] Scratch Pad, here’s what you do:

  1. Contact us on Twitter or the Facebook, requesting to do a guest post.
  2. After your idea for an article has been cleared, you can write your article in any word processing program, and email it to us. However, there are a few short rules:
    • An article must be at least 1,000 words in length. A video or audio post must be at least 5 minutes in length.
    • The guest article MUST be related to animation, comics, or any form of art (this includes video games, to some extent).
    • If the guest post is an article, then should be proofread before it is emailed. But it’s not completely necessary, since RacattackForce is totally willing to do that for you.
    • MP3s are preferred when it comes to audio posts, while FLVs or MP4s are preferred for audio/visual posts.
  3. We post your article/video/podcast, sharing it with the world and letting everyone know how awesome you are.

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