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This Thursday, I will be in Atlanta, GA, attending Anime Weekend Atlanta. AWA is an anime/manga convention and one of the biggest in the United States. In past years, I saw previews to/full-length episodes of fabled Toonami original anime IGPX, the English dub to my favorite series Claymore, and the dark and violent Rin. I saw the first installment of the 20th Century Boys film trilogy. I was at the panel where Cartoon Network representatives announced Toonami’s death while plugging Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I saw a feature-length AMV (aka AMV Hell 3). I also bought lots of stuff and took pictures, so there’s that. And, if you’ve been following me for some time, it was the con where I got those chibi Rei and Asuka plushies in piggy onesies. Because if I didn’t have a piece of Evangelion merchandise that completely missed the point of the series, then I am not a true anime fan in my eye.

From my first post in February 2011.

This year’s con has a nice selection of guests, including Ryo Horikawa (the voice of Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z), Johnny Yong Bosch (Bleach, Eureka Seven, Power Rangers), Trini Nishimura (Luna in Casshern Sins), Ayumi Kino (e-manga Magical Dreamers), Tim Eldred (storyboard artist for Avengers: EMH & Batman: The Brave And The Bold,, and visual-kei band heidi. The panels appear to be filled with variety, including those devoted to Japanese religion, a Pokemon vs Digimon debate, a “Fanfic or Fact?” Q&A involving Gundam Wing, two panels devoted to indie game series Touhou Project, and even a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel for some strange reason. There will also be the world premiere of the new Mass Effect anime movie, Paragon Lost, along with the dub debuts of Level E and Hellsing Ultimate Volume 5. And I will be there. Tweeting it to the best of my abilities. (more…)


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It is always easier for me to write a review after learning about the ideas and decisions that went into making the series or film I’m about to write my thoughts on. Understanding what the creator and her/his was trying to do helps you get a better feel for how to examine the subject. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a review of My Life Me, so I thought that it would be a good idea to sit down with one of the series’ creators and ask her a couple of questions about her teenage slice-of-life comedy. Head below the jump for the Q&A.


A lot of stuff concerning this I already said on Twitter late last night, but this is for those who do not follow me. As I alluded to in the San Diego Comic-Con podcast, The (Real) Scratch Pad will address/comprehend/complain/praise DC Comics’ mass reboot of the DC Universe beginning in a couple of weeks via the podcast medium. Right now, here is what it will be:

  • Excluding myself, there will be 4-5 panelists. One of them will be Dragon Piece, who sees this as an opportunity to get into comics. Another will probably be Don East, who is a fan of DC. I’m trying to get one more person confirmed, but if you want in, contact me over Twitter (doesn’t matter if it is an at-reply or DM), via the private message system on toonzone (I go by Vyse there and I do check my PMs), or via the Pad’s email address (realscratchpad-AT-gmail-DOT-com) with “DCnU podcast” in the subject header. If you have read/been reading FlashPoint, the DC big event leading to the reboot, then that is a big plus.
  • We will record sometime during the weekend of August 26-28 and have it up by August 30, the day before the reboot begins with the final installment of FlashPoint and the first issue of the rebooted Justice League.
  • There will be two podcasts. Because this is just too big for just one.

Details concerning the two podcasts and flow are after the break.


New logo, designed by The Second Waltz.

It’s been pretty obvious that things have been more than slow on The [Real] Scratch Pad recently. I can’t vouch for everyone else, but personally, I’ve been extremely busy: final exams, SAT and ACT, New York State regents exams…it’s been a lot to deal with, so I’ve had to ignore this place. And I’m sure everyone else has a good reason for ignoring this place as well. So I’ve asked everyone what’s going on with future articles and our other podcast, The Fashionably Late Show Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast. Here’s the answers I’ve gotten, so assured: TRSP is coming back this summer with a vengeance! Though there is some bad news in there as well.

  • Notaku Diaries will return on June 20th, with episodes being posted on Mondays and Fridays. We’ll eventually catch-up to recorded episodes by late August.
  • TomatoSurprise will be doing a series of “Hero Reboots” every weekend in collaboration with The X Bridge. The first one went up a while ago.
  • RacattackForce plans post a new article every Wednesday starting June 29th. On a side note, he has started a blog.
  • ToonFaithful, TetrisDork, chdr, and Dragonpiece plan to start posting articles again in July.
  • The Notaku Diaries Afterthoughts series of articles planned to begin sometime in the next few weeks.
  • Don East stuck between podcasts and his show Anime Abomination: unless he gives up one, then no articles from him. (P.S. Watch his show, it’s awesome.)
  • Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast was planned for a summer hiatus, but with so many episodes MIA, we’re going to figure out a way to get all of them out to you guys by summer’s end. We just have to find Sketch…


Hello. My name is tetrisdork. Some of you know me as Vyse over on the ToonZone forums. Some of you know me on Twitter by the same alias I’m going by right now. You also may have seen my work (under my real name of Jonathan) over on nerd-interest site gaijINside and its Twitter feed during Anime Weekend Atlanta. And, for the past couple of weeks, you heard me on the Notaku Diaries on this very blog. Well, the Scratch Pad crew behind the podcast invited me to stay and help contribute to The [Real] Scratch Pad. And, upon a suggestion by friend-of-the-program Dragonpiece concerning problems downloading the podcast, I am now officially TRSP’s media manager. The following post will detail our current situations involving Notaku Diaries, NAOCP, upcoming articles, and miscellaneous site upkeep. After the jump, I’ll address everything I can think of.

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On a lighter note, we now have an official Twitter account at! Follow us, perhaps!