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Not too long ago I stumbled upon an interesting show on The History Channel called Life After People. It used scientific findings to predict what life “after people” would be like for planet earth. Well I don’t have any scientific findings here but I thought I’d apply their gimmick to a post mortem timeline for the late great Toonami block. It’s been over 2 years and much has changed. In fact, so much has changed that a lot of people probably did not even notice everything that has happened since Toonami was taken off the air. Action animation and anime have found new venues and are now more available to viewers than ever before. So without further ado I present to you, life after Toonami.


So, 2010 is over and with that another year of memories of days gone by both good and bad.  And there were some new cartoons and well, Sketch & RaccattackForce aren’t the only one that can do retrospectives here so here is Don East’s 2010 in review!

Note: I didn’t watch GI Joe Renegades, the Avengers, & My Little Ponies Friendship Is Magic so I won’t talk about them.  And despite temptation, I’m only talking about Western Animation, not Anime.  Panty & Stocking, consider yourselves lucky for now.


You take the moon and you take the sun/You take everything that seems like fun/You stir it all up and when you’re done/You share a big piece with everyone…

“Chowder” Theme Song

Sigh. It’s been almost three years, hasn’t it? With the way it started out, you’d think the adventures of a little cat/bear/rabbit thing trying to become a chef would have lasted longer. But here we are, just days after the final episode of this delightful comedy series has aired. In what I hope with become a running thing with the Scratch Pad, please join me, RacattackForce, in remembering this city of adventure known as Marzipan, and all its strange inhabitants.