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It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Titmouse Inc. has been doing pretty well for itself recently. With several shows currently in production for Adult Swim, it’s likely that you’ve seen the Titmouse logo at least once while navigating the current television animation landscape. In fact, their output got to the point where a New York studio had to be created to help support the growing Los Angeles operations, with said New York branch being a full-fledged animation studio. Yes, Titmouse has been doing well for itself when it comes to adult animation, but that’s not all they’re currently up to. In fact, if you haven’t noticed, they’re also dabbling in childrens’ animation for Disney XD. The end of April unleashed upon us the auto-charged action series Motorcity, which my older brother once eloquently described as “The Matrix with cars,” and which I can easily recommend as an enjoyable ride that everyone should check out.

Of course, I wouldn’t be talking about Titmouse right now if Motorcity was the only series they’re making for good ol’ Disney. No, because tonight, we can add Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja to the long list of shows that Chris Prynoski’s studio has under its belt. However, can we safely add the adventures of this teenage ninja to the list of great Titmouse productions? It’s time to dive into the pool before summer truly ends, to find out whether or not this stuff is the real cheese…SMOKE BOMB!!!



Let me make this clear: I don’t hate My Life Me. I can’t hate this show, simply because it has a good concept behind it. An animated tweencom about a teenage girl that dreams of being an OEL manga artist. It’s simple and down-to-Earth: if you’ve ever been near a middle school or even a high school recently, you know how true-to-life that idea is. So yeah, I don’t hate the show. Not really. But the execution of the entire thing makes me groan. When I first learned about this little French-Canadian production a few weeks ago (just hours after I posted the SDCC podcast), I knew that I had to tackle this thing. And after trying to figure out how this flew past everyone’s radar, I realized that this couldn’t be done solo: I had to drag a few of the other Scratch Padders along with me…at least I wanted to, until I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t subject them to this show as well. So grab some Pocky and your Fullmetal Alchemist tote bag: it’s time to tackle this example of DeviantArt gone wrong (and after I praised it too).

…That was the original opening for this review. The original opening for a review done by the guy who reviewed both a medical horror with lovely fake-out sexual covers and a borderline hentai for this very site. The guy who loves reading MLP: Friendship is Magic BDSM fics starring Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. The guy who regularly jokes about being in a sexual relationship with Tomato Surprise. The guy who, on some level, you could believe that he was a little sane. Well, because of the words that I’m about to type, you won’t believe that bullshit any longer. For you see, I think that My Life Me is a good show. Head below the jump to…mock me, I suppose. Or you could read and see why I like it: your choice. (more…)

So, I’m bored & I love “Batman The Brave & Bold” so I figured “what the hell” and wrote a review of a recent episode I enjoyed.  Now note, this particular episode has yet to air in the US but it’s  available to download from iTunes, Zune, PSN, & (more…)

Psst, wanna see something awesome? Well, do ya? Do ya?! DO YA?! Okay, settle down. On Monday night, Cartoon Network gave us viewers a not-so-secret preview of CN Studios’ newest cartoon, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

Now before I get into the review, I’m going to talk about what started this series in the first place: Uncle Grandpa. (Head below the jump for more.)


I was 18 years old (!) when the original ThunderCats (produced by Rankin-Bass) premiered in 1985. I was filled with joy and expected great action to happen whenever I saw commercials for it. But when I saw the first couple of episodes, I wasn’t impressed as much as I thought I was going to be. There were some redeeming qualities, like the intro (most action series in the mid-1980s had iconically awesome intros), Topcraft and Pacific Animation Corporation’s animation, and a few great episodes, but it was nothing to really write home about. Some of the characters were aggravating, like Snarf constantly talking up a storm, and WilyKat & WilyKit being around (never liked the older versions at all). 130 episodes in and I basically concluded that it was a very cheesy series, and that I could only watch it every now and again just to remember how cheesy it was).

Now head below the jump for our feature presentation…


What Does Thou Desire?, Homework Time, Bully Beatdown, and We Were Promised Mechas!

Okay, one day late. No problem, no problem, just forgot…but I can assure you that my time was well-spent on Friday: watching Freelance Astronauts videos. Those guys are hilarious. Anyway, time for episode info all about Don East! Before recording this episode, ToonFaithful stole my awesome prank idea and fooled Don into listening to a certain track from the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST. And throughout the entire the recording, while making the occasional bizarre joke that may come from his secret stash of furry porn, the dude was most likely playing Pokemon HeartGold. In fact, he always plays video games during recording: he’s just better at hiding that fact than Toon and I. Lastly, starting with this episode, I’ll be putting anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes worth of extra stuff after the ending theme. It may be from the episode its tied with, like today’s, or be from a different episode. Why am I doing this? Well, we say far too much funny stuff during pre-recording that just can’t be missed. Now music: we kick this episode off 80s-style with Macross by Makoto Fujiwara, which is the theme song for the show of the same name. And we exit with Tomare! by Aya Hirano, which is the closing theme for none other than Haruhi Suzumiya.

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Fever Fever Fever, Swimming Swimming Swimming, and Eight Eight Eight

No, your eyes don’t deceive you, five people who actually watch this podcast. Notaku Diaries has finally returned after a two-month hiatus! Doesn’t that just blow your minds? No? Oh well. So what is in this episode of Notaku Diaries? Why, no other than…The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaBECK: Mongolian Chop Squad? And Outlaw Star? Wow, we haven’t updated in a while, since we’re already talking about Digimon Tamers in our weekend recordings. We have to play quite a bit of catch-up here, so why don’t we have two Notaku updates a week: Mondays and Fridays? That sound good? Great. Well, since it has been two months, I don’t remember any behind-the-scenes details surrounding this little venture. So straight to the music: we courageously (or stupidly) charge into Endless Eight with Super Driver by Aya Hirano, which is used as the theme song for the second season of Haruhi Suzumiya. And we leave for our house on the moon with Tsuki No Ie by Arai Akino, which is used as the second ending theme in Outlaw Star.

— RacattackForce

P.S. Don East and Chdr try to kill each other in this episode, which is frikken hilarious.

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Head below the jump for the shows and episodes we tackled in this episode…