Our Mission

There is one idea behind this little blog, and that is as follows: make entertaining and informative content for our readers and listeners. And with Will Eisner, Osamu Tezuka, and other animation/comic gods as our witness, we will do that for as long as humanely possible. Each week, one or more of us will attempt to provide you with something enjoyable to read. From the well-known to the unknown, from the level-headed to the rants, from interviews to reviews, and from the written word to the spoken screechesThe [Real] Scratch Pad will be there to be give you all something that’s worthwhile. So come and stay awhile: you might be surprised.


Ukari “RacattackForce” Bakosi is one of the original founders of The [Real] Scratch Pad, which was created after the shutdown of a previous blogging experiment, The Comic Book Panel. Rac doesn’t really speak much unless prodded, but he does do some stuff around the site. Like record, edit, and post episodes of the ScratchCast, proofread every article, update these pages, and manage the official Twitter and Facebook accounts. That said, he’s a bit of a lazy guy. You can check out his non-comic and animation-related musings over at his Tumblr and follow him on Twitter.

Jonathan “TetrisDork” Schnabel holds the position of co-head honcho, being the only guy that can successfully gather everyone together to put out great audio content like the SDCC 2011 podcast. Originally just a guest on an episode of Notaku Diaries, he went on to replace former co-founder TomatoSurprise as a member of the site. Whenever there’s a podcast, you can usually expect him to be the one that keeps everyone focused. He often writes articles over at gaijINside, and you can follow him over on Twitter.

Sketch us joined shortly after the creation of The [Real] Scratch Pad, and if pageviews have anything to say about it, generates our most popular content. But whether it’s just him being busy or lazy, his amazing articles are few-and-far between and his podcast Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast is currently on a mysterious hiatus as dead as shit. Forever insightful and consistently hilarious, Sketch is a guy that you’ll want to have a beer with. But you’ll have to settle for reading his occasional reviews over at Nick and More and following him on Twitter.

Don East is one of the handful of Scratch Pad writers that made the jump from guest writing to joining the crew officially. You can find him ranting on our podcasts, speaking his views with amazing passion/insanity. As long as you don’t mess with his harem, I’m pretty sure he won’t hack your arm off. When he’s not hanging out with the rest of the Padders or headbutting with Jon, he’s working on his web show Anime Abomination, which is so awesome I’m surprised he isn’t part of the TGWTG crew yet. Follow him over on Twitter.

Dragonpiece is sometimes called the “Guy That’s Just There.” There are moments when he randomly jumps into conversations and just as quickly leaves. It’s kinda weird, to be honest. Sometimes he writes articles, but his namesake on The [Real] Scratch Pad was working with Sketch to create the infamous Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast.  He is a moderator over on the official FUNImation forums, and a huge fan of both One Piece and Power Rangers, you can find Dragonpiece over on Twitter.

  Recurring/In-Active Members


Nexonius is the newest member of The [Real] Scratch Pad, so not much can really be said about him. He has yet to participate in any of our podcasts, so he manages to escape some of the insanity that goes on behind the scenes. With that in mind, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do anything, as he has started to write a handful of articles for the blog. He may rant from time-to-time, but his content is always worth a read. With that in mind, the best way for you to learn more about him is through his Twitter.


chdr was one of the original members of The [Real] Scratch Pad, pushing for an expansion into animation discussion and staying with the group for a few months before his articles got him some well-deserved recognition from ToonZone founder Eileen Cruz, who offered him a place on the Toonzone Blog, which he readily accepted. However, he still participates on TRSP as a part of Notaku Diaries. Check him out on Twitter.

ToonFaithful is that one guy in your group of friends you wonder why you hang out with. Indeed, why do we hang out with Toon on Notaku Diaries? Who knows, but despite the occasional flame wars he starts, he’s a great guy to have around. He doesn’t write content for the site that often and (like RacattackForce) doesn’t speak much during podcasts. But he’s pretty active over on Twitter.

TomatoSurprise, along with RacattackForce and chdr, conceived the idea of The [Real] Scratch Pad shortly after the plug had to be pulled on The Comic Book Panel. Tomato also came up with the Notaku Diaries podcast, as well as another blog called Sugared Tomatoes. In short, this crazy comic book lover is always filled with a plethora of ideas. Always thinking, you can find him rambling on-and-on over on Twitter.

QBComics was also founding member of The Comic Book Panel project. He had to drop out of TRSP months after we began, because of school stuff, but we all await his return.

  1. Timothy says:

    I drop a comment each time I like a post on a site or I have something to add to the discussion.

    It’s a result of the passion displayed in the post I browsed. And after this post Our Mission | The [Real] Scratch Pad. I was actually excited enough to drop a commenta response 😉 I do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be just me or does it give the impression like a few of the remarks come across like written by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are writing on additional places, I’d like
    to follow you. Could you list every one of your communal
    pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

    • Thanks for dropping by. That said, I’m glad you liked the passion displayed in this post. We’re actually more or less rebooting this blog as a project called “Deft Marginalia” in June, in an effort to regain the passion we used to have, since, as you can see, this site is pretty much dead in the water at the moment. So I hope you’ll come over and follow that new blog when it launches, since we have some interesting things planned. The main thing I’m working on for the new blog is an article series detailing obscure cartoons and comics outside of America and Japan. Another thing we’ll [hopefully] have going on is a podcast in which various comic book series are discussed, from the mainstream to the indie.

      My other major stomping ground is Twitter (@RacattackForce), so you can follow that in the meantime. It’s mostly a bunch of fun nonsense, but I do occasionally get into mini-rants about the state of the animation industry, gaming, or life in general. I’d give you my LinkedIn, but I rarely go there at the moment.

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