2012 Animation and Comics Retrospective

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It’s 2013. It’s been 2013 for quite a while now. And from upcoming films to comics to television series, we have a lot to look forward to and a lot to discuss in the next 12 months. But before we can completely get into the 2013 groove, we have to reflect on the previous year first. So while this article is several days late, it’s time to share with you all the thoughts and emotions we had on some of bigger events that rocked the worlds of ink-and-paint entertainment back in 2012. Well, the ones that we cared about, anyway. While we have recorded an episode of the ScratchCast for your listening “pleasure”…the audio from the second half was kinda messed up. Wasn’t good at all. And that just gave me more incentive to have a…let’s say transcribed version of it (my thoughts are separate from the “transcribed” version). That said, you can listen to the 20 minutes of the podcast I could salvage and/or click that “Read the rest of this entry” button for a more visual than auditory experience. Also, check out that short blooper reel. It’s fun.

The Legend of Korra


RacattackForce – After four years, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko — with the lovely funding of Nickelodeon — have graced us with a return to the Avatar universe (the one with magic martial arts, not aliens). Seventy years after the finale of The Last Airbender, we now follow the story of the new Avatar: a Southern Water Tribe teenager named Korra, who ventures to Republic City in order to learn airbending — and by extension — become a full-fledged Avatar. On first viewing, I found the first season (aka Book Air) to be a little lacking, with some pacing issues possibly stemming from the entire 12 episode arc being written by the creators themselves, with no assistance from the writers from the first series. However, despite those pacing issues, it was still incredibly engrossing, a lot of fun, and had plenty of elements that I loved. Action series with a female protagonist? Hell yeah. Steampunk in a Shanghai-inspired city? Lovely. An awesome Big Bad? Nick, you’re speaking my language. To backtrack a bit, I must reiterate that writing was a bit weak here, but the experience that Mike and Bryan gained from their first venture into this universe does show. Book Air felt far more structured and cohesive than the first season of it’s predecessor, really pulling you into the ride from the start instead of simply dragging you along. I can’t wait for season two and beyond. Korra has now fully mastered all four elements and is now trying to be a responsible Avatar, you say? Bring it on.


Don East – I think it was really damn good. It really pushed the envelope, possibly even more than Avatar did. Great characters, great animation, really strong story. The only complaint was…fucking Mako. I do not like him…the character, not the actor. Mako was a badass voice actor. Shame the character they named in honour of him was kind of a shithead.

TetrisDork – Like Racattack and Don, I had to stop watching The Aquabats Super Show because it aired at the same time. Thankfully, that show is getting a second season. Anyway, I didn’t like the ending [to Korra’s first season]. I mean, I thought the ending was great until the last minute.

Dragonpiece – Yeah, the ending was a little rushed. I didn’t like that.

Don East – That’s the thing, though. It was meant to be the series finale. If they knew they were going to get picked up for a full series*, it would have ended with Korra losing her bending and the next couple of books would be about her regaining it. You know, just continue [her Avatar journey]. If you put it in that context, it’s appreciative.

TetrisDork – And luckily, season two will continue one and extrapolate more on that development, in which–

RacattackForce – Um, can I interject here real quick? So you know how Young Justice had its time skip for its second season?

TetrisDork – Yeah.

RacattackForce –  Well, Korra’s doing the same thing, too.** We’re going to skip ahead a bit, to watch the journeys of a fully-fledged Avatar now.

Dragonpiece – Are we going to see Zuko this season?

RacattackForce – Ummm, that I do not know. We probably will.

Don East – Well, I hope it’s the Young Justice-type of time skip, where as the series goes on we get hints of what happened, instead of the Gurren Lagann “HERP A DERP DERP, TIME SKIP. DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHY THESE CHARACTERS ARE DOING THE THINGS THEY DO NOW!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


RacattackForce – Was there any doubt that Nickelodeon could handle making a fun, action-packed TMNT series? Yes. Yes, there was. A lot of it, in fact. But thanks to the creative talents of Ciro Nieli (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, Teen Titans), Peter Hastings (Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain), and others, we got a great Turtles cartoon that even Don East loves. Okay, I’ll admit, I haven’t watched the original 80s series. I’ve watched only the first two seasons of the 2000s series, and as for the comic books the franchise was built upon…yeah, I haven’t read those. So, I have no real ties to the franchise. Which is okay, because despite a number of in-jokes involving older installments, the series is still very accessible to everyone. I wasn’t really expecting much, but it was surprisingly fun and well-written. If you haven’t given it try because you thought Nick would screw it up or that the CGI character designs look bad, then please rethink your decision. Give the show a chance; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I know I do.


TetrisDork – It was surprisingly done. It was surprisingly good. Like the CG…remember when we had earlier reactions towards Green Lantern: The Animated Series for how it was stylized? We didn’t think it would work in CG.

RacattackForce – Yeah, that seems to be a trend here. We see the CGI character models and go “Oh my God, this is going to suck.” Then we see them in motion and go “Hey, this isn’t half bad!”

TetrisDork – It almost feels 2D in a sense. Because they also tend to go into that 2D mode. Especially around the facial expressions, like when the eyes change from CG to, like, these penciled-out eyes.

RacattackForce – Well, I’m not really surprised by that [tendency for art shifting] considering, you know, the people who work on the show.

TetrisDork – Well, it’s amazing how well-done it is. And not off-putting. And the voices actually deliver somewhat…umm, not somewhat. It delivered. You know, they fit their personalities.

Don East – I think this has my favourite version of Leonardo. And he’s my favourite turtle. For one, I like how he’s a fan of the Star Trek parody. And I like how he’s still trying to be a leader, as opposed to the previous versions where he’s already established as the leader.

Dragonpiece – Honestly, I don’t like the fact that it’s kind of a “monster-of-the-week” show.

TetrisDork – Yeah, at the moment it is like that.

Don East – If you don’t like weird mutants popping up on TMNT, I think you’re watching the wrong show, because–

TetrisDork – That happened most of the time–

Don East – On the 80s cartoon.

Dragonpiece – I was just expecting…nevermind.

TetrisDork – What are some of our favourite episodes, if we have any?

Don East – The first episode with Shredder — when he fought the turtles — I thought was really well-handled. I think this Shredder is a badass.

TetrisDork – Shredder was owning the Turtles throughout that entire episode.

Don East – I just want a picture of him punching the Utrom Shredder right in the torso, blood coming off his fist, saying “You talk too much.”

TetrisDork – Also helps that this Shredder is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

DC Nation


RacattackForce – Great idea, poor execution. DC Nation is awesome, don’t get me wrong. Not only are Green Lantern and Young Justice amazing shows, but the shorts that air during them such as Plastic ManTeen Titans GO!, and Super Best Friends Forever are blasts to watch as well. And now we have even more of those shorts to enjoy (Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld and Thunder and Lightning, anyone?). So what’s so bad about the block? Nothing that can’t be fixed via the inclusion of Beware the Batman and the full-on Teen Titans GO! series in Spring/Summer to the block. You see, my problem is that DC Nation in 2012 was only an hour. An hour isn’t really a block, it’s, well, a power hour of complementary shows. Because we only had two real shows, most of summer was just reruns while Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network were busy making a backlog of new episodes, causing a lot of people to miss out of some great shorts that aired during the time. And then the block came back for two weeks of premieres…then completely and utterly vanished. not to return until earlier today. Can any one say, “[expletive] you, Cartoon Network?” I love DC Nation, and I want it to succeed. But until it gets it’s act together with a consistent offering of new content, then Saturday morning victory just ain’t happening.


Don East – *in response to what I said above* It would have been better if they just pulled it in the summer, when no one is really watching, and it’s all in reruns. But now they had to pull it at the start of October. Two seasons in, both ending on cliffhangers. Hal Jordon seemingly being killed. Mount Justice being destroyed! Perfect place to put a fucking hiatus for more How to Train Your Dragon.

TetrisDork – Cartoon Network’s 20th birthday is one of the reasons, which still doesn’t make sense.

RacattackForce – I don’t even think that was even a real reason.

TetrisDork – Also, with no reason, they are re-airing Young Justice on Boomerang.

RacattackForce – Do I even need to say how much that frustrates me? Why put a cartoon that’s currently running on a channel meant for older cartoons?

Don East – I gave up [on Boomerang] when they started re-running Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl. Boomerang has lost it’s direction.

RacattackForce – Anyway, let’s move on from the bad parts of DC Nation to the good parts: aka, the shows and the shorts.

Don EastYoung Justice: Invasion…I was a bit iffy on the timeskip, but I understand why they did it. It was so they could incorporate new concepts and characters that would kinda be out of place in the first season of Young Justice, which took a lot of inspiration from the Silver and Bronze Age [of comics], while Invasion takes stuff from the 90s and 2000s. Like the Tim Drake Robin, the blond Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes), fucking Impluse…that made me nerd-up, when Impluse showed up.

TetrisDork – Sadly, this might be the end.

Don East – Yeah. Greg Weisman? I think he’s cursed. I think he made a deal with the Devil that he could be one of the greatest writers in his field, problem is, if he ever gets a TV show off the ground, forces will screw him over. Let’s see, it happened with Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man…seems like it’s happening now. Which is a shame if we’re going to lose Young Justice FOR FUCKING TEEN TITANS GO! LET IT DIE, MAN! FUCKING LET IT DIE…

TetrisDork – The reason why this is possible is because DC is ending the Young Justice comic in February.

RacattackForce – They are?

TetrisDork and Dragonpiece – Yes.

RacattackForce – That does not sound good for the TV series at all…

Don East – Fucking Young JusticeTeen Titans GO…that seems like the only equivalent here. Here we have one teen superhero team that’s awesome, edgy…doing all these things in the name of good. Then we have FUCKING ANNOYING-ASS SHIT…dumbed-down carbon copy of a long-dead TV show that I didn’t even like in the first place and…is that what I want to look forward to? Fucking…a continuation that doesn’t follow up on its own fucking cliffhanger.

RacattackForce – Well, I’ve heard that Terra’s going to appear

Don East – Oh, that’s going to be great. Going to be a fucking comedy story about a misunderstanding or some shit…then again, I’ve made my position clear on Teen Titans: that it’s one of the worst superhero cartoons ever made.

RacattackForce – And I think I stated once that Teen Titans was the thing that really got me into superheroes, and one of my favourite superhero series overall, so…ehh. Opinions, opinions. Moving on…

Green Lantern: The Animated Series


RacattackForce – Wait, a DC animated series…that doesn’t involve Batman or Superman in any way? What universe did I step into? And is it okay if I stay here? Because I love Green Lantern: The Animated Series. I really do. Like TMNT 2012 and Batman: The Brave and Bold, when we got our first glimpse of the art style, people were pretty skeptical of how it would turn out. Even though I thought I learned my lesson from Brave/Bold, I was still a bit skeptical of how well the DCAU art style we’ve come to know and love would translate into CGI. Thankfully, the guys at Warner Bros. Animation proved us wrong, and delivered a smooth, great-looking show that has the writing to match. Giancarlo Volpe (Avatar: The Last AirbenderStar Wars: The Clone Wars) has taken Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, and crafted a great cartoon that stands proudly next to Young Justice, as well as past DC series. (Oh, and if you aren’t following Giancarlo on Twitter…please do so. The dude is hilarious.)


TetrisDork – Really good show.

Don East – Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I think my favourite episode now is one that was supposed to air, but thankfully got leaked on iTunes.

RacattackForce – Steam Lantern. (This episode premiered on January 5th.)

Don East – Steam-powered Green Lanterns is the most brilliant idea ever. I want to make a figure of that character in the mold of a DC Universe Classics figure. I heard Sinestro is going to show up soon.

TetrisDork – Yay!



RacattackForce – While we’re still on an action kick, it would be wrong not to mention the great surprise that was the return of Toonami. An April Fool’s prank leading to a social media tsunami leading to the revival of one of the most beloved and influential animation blocks in television history? HOLY. SHIT. No one saw that coming. If you say you did, you’re either a liar or a psycho, because no sane person could have predicted the return of TOM and the Absolution to the airwaves, presenting us with the brilliance that is Deadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins, as well as introducing new audiences to recent Cartoon Network failures Sym-Bionic Titan and Thundercats. I mean…just holy shit. Toonami’s back, Saturday nights from midnight to morn. Here’s hoping that Toonami continues to kick some ass as we go through 2013. Welcome home, TOM. Welcome home.


Don East – First of all, Samurai 7 is stupid. It’s a stupid-ass show!

TetrisDork – …Okay, so–

Don East – And then Tenchi is a fucking cancer to the block!

RacattackForce – I thought this was supposed to be happy!?

Don East – Welcome to real life.

RacattackForce – I…um…Deadman Wonderland was kickass. Cassherns Sins…took awhile to–

Don East – But Toonami [unintelligable] because they apparently only paid for the one run.

TetrisDork – …Yeah…

RacattackForce – Um…Sym-Bionic Titan and Thundercats are getting second chances with–

Don East – They’re not getting picked up and you fucking know it. They’re gonna be dead.

RacattackForce – …

Don East – Thundercats is a glorified toy commercial. You can’t promote a kids’ toy on an adult block. And Sym-Bionic Titan is gone. Tartakovsky is gone. He’s at Sony now. He’s gonna do the Popeye movie.

RacattackForce – …

Don East – That’s for all the “I’m in love with Fluttershy jokes,” Rac.

Marvel Universe


RacattackForce – Yeah, why not continue with the talk of action animation blocks? Because there was a lot of that last year. To counter Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Saturday morning offerings, Disney and Marvel Comics brought us Marvel Universe on Sunday mornings. Unlike DC Nation, Marvel Universe has been consistent with premiering new episodes of their flagship series. But also unlike DC Nation, Marvel Universe’s content isn’t as widely praised. And may become less praised by comic book fans as we go into 2013. I personally haven’t watched most of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but I’m told it’s a fantastic series. I have watched Ultimate Spider-Man, though. And while I find the show to be an okay experience, most people I know online hate it with a passion. And with a new Avengers and Hulk cartoon in the same vein of action-comedy as the Man of Action-helmed Spidey on the way, I think a lot of people aren’t very happy with Marvel. I, however, like what they’re doing, and wish them continued success with their animated properties…still miss Spectacular Spider-Man though. (P.S. –  It’s been a few weeks, but everyone is over ASM #700, right. It’s not big a deal, and you all know it.)


Don East – I don’t know. I wouldn’t say Marvel Universe was an accomplishment in terms of quality. I mean, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was awesome for the most part, but the second season kinda…with all that [executive] meddling, they couldn’t complete the storyline they wanted, setting up with Surtur from the Thor mythos —  even though I have to admit that having another big bad from Thor’s neck of the woods is kinda played out, considering we had Loki the season before.

RacattackForce – And of course, we all know how the internet feels about Ultimate Spider-Man.

Don East – Yeah, I know. TetrisDork blew up when we all bashed on it that one-time. But yeah, I think the problem with Marvel Universe are the shows; and the additional content is a bit lacking. The only speech I really like is “Marvel Mash-Up”, only because some of the dub jokes are pretty funny and they get some of the voices from Super Hero Squad back, namely the voice of the Hulk (Travis Willingham) and the voice of Doctor Doom (Charlie Adler).

Gravity Falls


RacattackForce – ZKHUH DUH QHZ HSLVRGHV, GLVQHB!?!? JLYH WKHP WR PH!!!! *ahem* Considering that Alex Hirsch worked on the magnificent The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, I expected nothing less than absolute fun from Gravity Falls. However, we got more than that. We got a amazing mix of Twin Peaks and The Simpsons that tickles your funny bone until you nearly die of laughter by the end of each 22-minute episode. And don’t get me started on that fact that it’s a successful Disney cartoon with an actual overarching story arc, with twins Dipper and Mabel dealing the secrets of the Oregon town where they’re staying for the summer. Fighting an evil, wax Larry King? Hanging out with the 8 1/2 President of the United States? Stealing from a time traveler from a future ruled by a giant, evil baby? Stopping a video game character from killing your crush’s boyfriend? Just an average day in Gravity Falls, Oregon. If you haven’t checked out the series yet, please do so now. With Phineas and Ferb and now this, it’s safe to say that Disney Television Animation is making a well-desired return back to awesome…oh, and new episodes start back up February 15th. About time.


Don East – Gravity Falls! The show that pretty much is what My Little Pony was to 2011 and Adventure Time was to 2010: as in this show that aired on a kids cable network and just caught the internet’s attention and everyone loves it. Mabel is my favourite character still. She is everything Pinkie Pie should be.

RacattackForce – Yeah, Gravity Falls is just a really great…funny, funny show. Each episode never ceases to make me laugh. It’s just…I just love it, and I can’t wait for new episodes to start airing again.

Don East – Yeah, that whole episode hiatus? Why the hey-hey, bro-bro?

(Here’s where everything just falls apart. Like I said, the recording from the next day had so many issues, that I didn’t want to deal with it. Half of it was off-topic ranting about Marvel Comics, anyway. So all the following is the stuff I could make out between all the static and audio skips that CallGraph dumped on me.)

Wreck-It Ralph


RacattackForce“I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be then me.” Wreck-It Ralph wasn’t just a good video game movie. It was a good movie in general. Yes, it doesn’t stray too far from the standard Disney formula, with everyone sans the bad guy (the TRUE bad guy, in this case) getting a happy ending.  But it’s all in the execution, and director Rich Moore executed the tale of two misfits learning to be comfortable with who they are with style. And a bunch of gaming and snack food references. Did the story need to be told with video game characters? No. Did having it told with video game characters make it awesome? Ah-doy. I couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw a character I recognized, or caught a quick reference to, say, Final Fantasy VII or Paperboy. Those little touches added to a great, heartfelt comedy that, like all Disney movies, had a moment or two that brought a tear to your eye. I’d be content if Wreck-It Ralph was a standalone film, but since the movie did so well, it’s so obviously going to get a sequel. Just don’t screw it up, guys. Please.


TetrisDork – What’s your favourite moment?

Don East – I don’t know. I just I’ll say the video game cameos. It had that Who Framed Roger Rabbit? feel.

Ryan Mead –

TetrisDork –

Tron Uprising and Motorcity


RacattackForce – Beyond Marvel, Disney didn’t have the best of luck with action animation this year. Tron Uprising, which the Mouse pushed and advertised with gusto is now burning off it’s remaining episodes during the witching hour, and Chris Prynoski’s Motorcity didn’t stand a chance from day one. What was the last Disney action series to have decent success? Kim Possible? Or, if you want to narrow your definition, Gargoyles? It sucks, because I thought Tron Uprising was a great show. I loved the character designs and the breathtaking use of colour, as well as the story, which was my first introduction to into the TRON universe (yeah, I know, I should get around to watching the original film). And Motorcity? One of the creators of Megas XLR, George Krstic, was a head writer on Motorcity. It goes without saying that it kicked copious amounts of ass. But it’s Disney. I’d be lying if I said that I expected these shows to get renewed, and I’m generally optimistic when it comes to this sort of stuff. When discussing the end of Motorcity, Prynoski expressed that he would like to get the rights to the program and continue the story of the Burners, thought he admitted the chances of that are slim. And despite TRON 3 entering production soon, TRON Uprising is totally a zombie that got its head bashed in by this point.


Don East –

Dragonpiece –

Ryan Mead –

TetrisDork –

Frederator Studios’ Cartoon Hangover


RacattackForce – It comes as no surprise that Fred Seibert would continue to embrace the growth and popularity of the internet by producing more web cartoons. Don’t let the name fool you, though. It isn’t 100% adult animation. While there is the vulgar SuperF*ckers from James Kochalka, there is also the more all-ages Bravest Warriors from the mind of Pendleton Ward. The former is based on Kochalka’s comic book series about a group of average teenagers with superpowers…and them being normal, douchebag, perverted teenagers with them. I found the comic to be an utter blast, and the cartoon — while a bit more hit-or-miss — is more of that same colourful comedy. Meanwhile, Pen Ward’s second brainchild, which like Adventure Time before it is based on his Random Cartoons short of the same name, is just plain imaginative, heartfelt irreverence. It feels very much like Adventure Time in so many ways that I’ve seen countless people state it’s a rip-off until they get their facts straight. And I can’t blame them. From all the worlds the characters visit, to the strange expressions, to the romantic elements, it DOES feel like an Adventure Time ripoff. But that’s not a bad thing, since Bravest Warriors is still an incredibly fun show. Basically, if you like Pen Ward’s style, you’ll like BW. If you like teenagers screwing with each other, lowbrow humour, overall stupidity and subversion of superheroes, then you’ll probably like SuperF*ckers. And I happen to like all that stuff.


Don East –

Dragonpiece –

Ryan Mead –

TetrisDork –

Dreamworks Animation


RacattackForceLemme get the obvious joke out of the way first. Okay, Dreamworks. They had a bit of a mixed year. On one hand, they brought out Classic Media, have a new partnership with Fox, and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted was a rousing success at the box office. On the other hand, Dragons: Riders of Berk isn’t doing too well in the ratings, and Rise of the Guardians — while doing well for itself internationally — wasn’t the rousing success that they wanted. Not really sure what to say here. I have no opinion on the Classic Media buyout or the new Fox distribution deal. I haven’t seen Madagascar 3 or Rise of the Guardians yet. Dragons: Riders of Berk is a good show, if a bit boring times, but I don’t pay much attention to it. So, yeah, I’ve got nothing…have more Circus Afro.


Don East –

Dragonpiece –

Ryan Mead –

TetrisDork –

Littlest Pet Shop


RacattackForce – The Hub…okay, there is no better way to say this: this show, as much I enjoy it, is just the network’s attempt to recreate the success they had with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Something that just isn’t going to happen. You’d think TV executives would learn by now, but…there is no real formula for a successful series, animated or otherwise. Formula for a pop hit? More or less, yes. Formula for a television hit? None that I can see. The term “lightning in a bottle” exists for a reason, people. In any case, Littlest Pet Shop shares the writing talent of some My Little Pony writers and composer Daniel Ingram. But what stands out for me, but which no one else gives a damn about, is that the head writers are Timothy Cahill and Julie McNally-Cahill, the husband/wife team who created My Gym Partner’s A Monkey, which was one of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows during its run (behind Foster’s and Ed, Edd n Eddy). So, The Hub even recreated the “former CN talent” part of what they believe makes up the MLP equation. That said, Littlest Pet Shop is a good show with fun characters and nice songs, but I don’t see it gaining the following that MLP had. Will this be it’s first and last season though? Doubtful, because it’s doing pretty damn well for itself.


Don East –

Dragonpiece –

Ryan Mead –

TetrisDork –


RacattackForce – …No.

Don East –

Dragonpiece –

Ryan Mead –

TetrisDork –

Ratings Battle


RacattackForce – Nickelodeon has been having some ratings troubles recently, that have been somewhat eased by The Legend of Korra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, while Nick was floundering, trying to figure out why kids weren’t watching that day’s 15th Spongebob repeat, Disney Channel came in to grab the number one spot as most-watched kids network with the help of Gravity Falls and a number of preschool shows, not the least of which is Doc McStuffins. And as always, Cartoon Network was watching on the sidelines, keeping a solid third place, though it did manage to capture the 1st place spot itself at one point in the summer. 2012 was Cartoon Network’s best year in the animation-heavy channel’s twenty year history, and they’ve pretty much gotten the preteen boys demographic locked up thanks to Adventure Time and Regular Show. Oh, and both Disney XD and the Hub are continuing to grow into proud young networks thanks to superheroes, ponies, twins, robots, puppets and jerks. Overall? No big surprises. I’m just happy that Nickelodeon got taken down a peg.


Don East –

Dragonpiece –

Ryan Mead –

TetrisDork –

Animation to Comics


RacattackForceAdventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are both pretty fun shows. And I’m sure the comics are also pretty fun. I say “I’m sure” because I haven’t actually read them yet. Like I’ve said once or twice in the past, I’m a trades guy. I wait for the trade paperback (or hardcover) to come out before I start reading a series. So, what I can I say about the Adventure Time and MLP comics? I can say they’re successful. KaBOOM, the kids line of BOOM Studios, is handling Adventure Time and it is doing great. Not only is the main comic doing well, constantly selling out, but the first miniseries (Marceline and the Scream Queens) was met with great sales. Meanwhile, IDW Publishing had My Little Pony reach 90,000 preorders for the first issue. Things are looking good all around, though I question why DC Comics isn’t handling Adventure Time. The only other thing I can say is…IT’S THE ATTACK OF THE VARIANT COVERS!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!


Don East –

Dragonpiece –

Ryan Mead –

TetrisDork –

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