ScratchCast 7.1 – GET TO THA POINT

Posted: February 21, 2012 by tetrisdork in Animation, Comics, Don East, Podcast, Ryan W. Mead, Scratch Cast, tetrisdork
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Honestly, I thought I would put this out early. Thought wrong and turns out I am lazier than Racattack. Well, either way, here is the first of an experimental new ScratchCast episode, where we talk about news. Recorded on January 22, Ryan, Don, and I talked about recent events; well, recent when we recorded the podcast. Like the debut of the new DC Comics logo that is now 100% official and not a Bleeding Cool rumor. We discuss the fall of SOPA and PIPA, which gives us an excuse and segway to talk about MegaUpload and founder Kim Dotcom’s fleet of cars. We also got Ryan to ramble about Bone, Don East to discuss the economics of My Little Pony DVDs, and Scott Lobdell writing that Axe webcomic thing. And, most importantly, the most important My Little Pony news ever…on January 22.

BTW, music notes: The opening is “Uncaged Czarina” by Dan O’Connor, Free Royalty-Free Music by The ending is the glorious MegaUpload song.


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