ScratchCast – Welcome to the Apocalypse (plus an update)

Posted: January 24, 2012 by RacattackForce in Animation Editorials, Don East, Dragonpiece, Podcast, RacattackForce, Ryan W. Mead, Scratch Cast, Sketch, tetrisdork, Tomato Surprise, ToonFaithful
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Yeah, not going to lie. The reason this is late is because I’m a lazy bastard who would rather play Bastion then finish editing a 90 minute podcast. This was supposed to go up on Friday night…then it got bumped to Saturday. Then Sunday. Then Monday. At least this thing is finally up and I’m done with my mid-terms. This podcast was recorded before DC officially revealed their new logo, so our discussion treats it as mainly a rumour. Also expect bitching about the non-rumour of Rob Liefeld being put in charge of three DC Comics series. There’s also discussion on the layoffs at Media Blasters (and how the American anime industry is basically going to crap), the upcoming Saturday-nigh Fox animation block, and pizza and calzones. This is an awkward episode that I couldn’t really edit. There are so many audio glitches and stupidity that overlaps will things we say and just ugh. Barking dogs,  Sketch turning into a robot…so the entire thing is a raw cut. Hopefully we’ll get better next episode. Speaking of next episode, we’re making some changes to the ScratchCast.

Starting next week, the ScratchCast will be divided into two separate podcasts that will alternate each week. One will be a news podcast, which is pretty self-explanatory. The other will be our feature podcast, where we’ll continue to talk about random crap loosely tied into a main topic.

P.S. The song at the beginning is Uncaged Czarina, and it serves as our theme song. And so we won’t have to pay $10 every time we use it…Free Royalty Free Music by

P.P.S. What were YOUR thoughts on the recent changes at DC Comics? Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, via email, or in the comments below!

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