Question Of The Moment – Best Episode of Batman: The Brave And The Bold

Posted: December 3, 2011 by tetrisdork in Animation, Animation Editorials, Authors, Question of the Moment, Scratch Cast, tetrisdork
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I sometimes like interaction with others. Interaction proves others are paying attention to what we do. And, I am curious about what readers of The [Real] Scratch Pad and listeners of the ScratchCast think of certain topics. Therefore, starting with episode 4 of the ScratchCast, we are beginning a new feature called “Question of the Moment”. I ask a question to the ScratchCast hosts, we give our answers, and ask the same question back to you. Respond back via your comments, emails, tweets, and other various channels, and we might read your answers on the next episode! Lather. Rinse. Repeat. To kick this thing off, we look back at an end. Batman: The Brave and the Bold aired its final episode in the US on November 18, capping off 3 seasons filled with 65 episodes. It combined the attitude of the Silver Age of comics – which were more light-hearten than the more modern eras – with the action-packed scenes that are a staple for the past 2 decades. It was good. But what was its signature episode? The episode that defined the series, and was enjoyable from beginning to end. What is the best episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold? After the break, the multitude of ways to respond back… Here is how you can answer. Please note that answers may be read on a future episode of ScratchCast.

  1. Comment on this post right here. I think you can log in with your Facebook account  in regards to comments, so you don’t have to have a account now for that.
  2. E-MAIL US! Fire up your email account and send us your response to Please put “Question of the Moment”, “Best Batman: Brave and the Bold episode”, or something similar in the title and don’t forget to put what you want to be called if we do read said email.
  3. Tweet us back. Vist The [Real] Scratch Pad on Twitter and send us an at-reply with #qotm or #BestBATB in your response. Don’t forget to follow us.
  4. Post on Facebook. Find our Facebook page and answer away. Don’t forget to “Like” us.
  5. NEW! FORMSPRING US! There is now a Formspring account for this very website. Visit it, follow us, find our question, and answer back. Also, ask us. Most likely it will be me answering them, but it might be fun.

If you want to know our responses to the question, listen to ScratchCast 004, where we do a eulogy/remembrance of the show and talk about a weird anime.


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