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Sorry for the extreme lateness, as this was supposed to be up last week. Either way, Tomato and Elliot did tackle all the #1 issues of the New 52. As quoted by Elliot for this episode:

Join us for the 4th and final week of the #1′s where we discuss Aquaman, All Star Western, Fury of Firestorm, and Justice League Dark; Do we love these comics? Can Gail Simone go two for two? Did the insanity that was the strip club make us rage when we reached Voodoo #1. Is Diane as crazy as me and Tomato? This weeks Diane “Tranimation” Tran
The Following contains strong language and may not be suitable for all ears. But you know you’re going to anyway so listen away

Title card art is by Jermey Conrad. This episode’s guest, Diane Tran, also has a DeviantArt account. The theme song used for this episode is “Euphoric Ecstasy” by DJ Link (free on NewGrounds | NG Profile | SoundCloud). If you are or represent DJ Link and believe that this isn’t FairUse, contact Elliot on Twitter or via email (shadowsofthought@gmail.com).


Download Episode | Subscribe to RR, ScratchCast, & other shows via iTunes or RSS. Also here.


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