Reboot Recovery: Episode 2 – Waller’s Not Weightless

Posted: September 21, 2011 by RacattackForce in Authors, Comics, Comics Editorials, Podcast, Tomato Surprise
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Join us once again as Tomato Surprise and Elliot Shade take on the New 52′s most meh week thus far. We cover the newer, thinner Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, the feeling of a text file in Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE, and the awesomeness of both Batwoman and Mr. Terrific. Will Tomato keel over from his over-exposure to Adam Glass? Does EA Glover have the Voice of God? Am I ever going to get my head on straight?

The Reboot Recovery title card was done by Jeremy Conrady. The music in the intro is In The Meantime by Spacehog (iTunes | Amazon | website).

Have iTunes? Download this podcast (and others) here!

Don’t have iTunes? Download Reboot Recovery Ep2: Waller’s Not Weightless here.


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