Reboot Recovery: Episode 1 – Reboot Circus

Posted: September 14, 2011 by RacattackForce in Authors, Comics, Comics Editorials, Podcast, Tomato Surprise
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Last Wednesday, during Part One of  the DCnU Buyer’s Guide, we let it be known that Tomato Surprise, along with TRSP friend Elliot Shade, planned to review of all 52 titles that DC is launching/rebooting this month. And being the awesome people that they are, while we aren’t the exclusive home of these little forays into this new universe DC Comics is crafting, we are the ones that get to give you the link to download these episodes. This week has them chatting with Yan Basque as they discuss Batgirl, Animal Man, Stormwatch, and Action Comics. Listen to this podcast above or download the MP3 below!

P.S.: MUSIC ALERT! The background song used is “Ring Capacity” by Kirby Krackle, from the album E For Everyone (iTunes | Amazon | website).

Have iTunes? Download this podcast (and others) here!

Don’t have iTunes? Download Reboot Recovery Ep1: Reboot Circus here.


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