This was originally supposed to be a full podcast that was a Part 2 to the first one. However, it turns out that none of us knows the meaning of the term “Lightning Round,” since the entire Buyer’s Guide had to be divided into four parts, each 40-60 minutes in length. It’s probably for the best though, since you guys get a better idea about how we feel about each title. Each segment covers one week: Part 1 covers Sept. 7 (aka today), Part 2 covers Sept. 14, etc. The last two parts will be posted on Sept. 21st, so be on the lookout for that.

During these first two parts, Tetris is talking through his iPod, so some of what he says near the beginning of the recording is covered up slightly by static. This clears itself up later on, though. Also of note is the fact that I speak for more than a minute…in fact, there are points where I just go crazy and don’t shut up, especially when we talk about Rob Liefeld. Toon is there throughout the first part, but chooses not to say a word until the second. TomatoSurprise and Shadows of Thot were supposed to be on these parts, but…things came up for both of them. The former recorded his thoughts on these first 26 comics though, and you can listen to them below.

September 7th Lineup

September 14th Lineup

BONUS: Tomato shares his thoughts on both lineups.

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