As promised, we got together to share our feelings on the whole DC Universe reboot. In Part One, which was recorded on the 26th, we focus on the entire experiment as a whole, debating the good and bad aspects of it, as well as our initial feelings when we first learned about the reboot and how they have changed over the past few months. If you are more interested in hearing our thoughts on the individual comics, since they all happened to hit store shelves (both physically and digitally) today, then just wait until next Wednesday for Part Two of this “joint podcast thing.” The outro is the unused theme for a 60s Batgirl series.

On a general podcast note, we plan on merging Notaku Diaries and Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast into a single entity with the WRSP name come September…which means that the SDCC 2011 ‘cast back in July was technically the first episode of this new project and this is the second. Of course, all the episodes of Notaku and NAOCP that haven’t been posted will be posted eventually, hopefully before the fourth episode of WRSP.

P.S. – Since Tomato never gave me that link, I had to find those DC Comics sales charts myself.  And here are the charts from January to June 2011 (couldn’t find July or August). So yeah, you can see why they took such a gamble with this relaunch. And while it seems to be a success so far, we just have to wait and see how it does in the long-run…man, I say far more in the production notes than I do in…almost every podcast episode really. Also, here’s the ad that DC made to promote the comics…yeah, no comment there.


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