Details concerning the “DCnU Podcast Joint” thing

Posted: August 14, 2011 by tetrisdork in Authors, Comics, Comics Editorials, Podcast, Site News, tetrisdork

A lot of stuff concerning this I already said on Twitter late last night, but this is for those who do not follow me. As I alluded to in the San Diego Comic-Con podcast, The (Real) Scratch Pad will address/comprehend/complain/praise DC Comics’ mass reboot of the DC Universe beginning in a couple of weeks via the podcast medium. Right now, here is what it will be:

  • Excluding myself, there will be 4-5 panelists. One of them will be Dragon Piece, who sees this as an opportunity to get into comics. Another will probably be Don East, who is a fan of DC. I’m trying to get one more person confirmed, but if you want in, contact me over Twitter (doesn’t matter if it is an at-reply or DM), via the private message system on toonzone (I go by Vyse there and I do check my PMs), or via the Pad’s email address (realscratchpad-AT-gmail-DOT-com) with “DCnU podcast” in the subject header. If you have read/been reading FlashPoint, the DC big event leading to the reboot, then that is a big plus.
  • We will record sometime during the weekend of August 26-28 and have it up by August 30, the day before the reboot begins with the final installment of FlashPoint and the first issue of the rebooted Justice League.
  • There will be two podcasts. Because this is just too big for just one.

Details concerning the two podcasts and flow are after the break.

Podcast number one will be the mass debate. While the reboot is doing its best to court in new readers – including being available on digital platforms day-and-date with comic book shops – it is also making a complete mess out of it at the same time as DC’s continuity, what some may consider to be the most intimidating and most messed-up in comics, is rearing its ugly head for certain characters; for example, recent events in the Batman and Green Lantern books are still in effect while they de-age Bruce Wayne and make almost everything fit in the reboot’s condensed timeline. After going through the main general elements, the next order of business will be an attempt to go through a general debate of each sub-line DC has set up. These seven lines are: Superman (Action Comics, Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl), Batman (Detective Comics, Batman & Robin, Batgirl, and 8 other titles), Green Lantern (Green Lantern, Red Lanterns, Green Lantern Corps, and New Guardians), Justice League (Justice League, Justice League International, DC Universe Presents, and several solo books), The Dark (Justice League Dark, Swamp Thing, and various monster books), The Edge (the new Suicide Squad, All-Star Western, Wildstorm integration, and other edgy DC characters), and Young Justice (Teen Titans, Legion, Static Shock, and others).

But that is not all, as podcast number two will be a general buyers’ guide to DC’s “New 52”. While some of the panelists’ intentions and title preferences will be mentioned over the debate, they will now make a clearer, debate-free stance that is similar to the “Buy or Sell” segment of ESPN’s Around the Horn. I’ll pretty much read the solicts beginning with Justice League and through all the reboot titles week-by-week. Each panelists will then give an answer – they’re buying it, passing on it, or wait on spending on it – and a quick explanation as to why. It is designed to be a more “user-friendly” experience; hopefully, it will deliver. There is a chance this podcast might be released after the first one, but it will be out by September 6.

Again, if you are interested in joining the panel, contact me via Twitter, via Toonzone’s PM system, or email (realscratchpad-AT-gmail-DOT-com) with “DCnU Podcast” in the subject header.


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