Click image to see the initial series trailer from April.

I have never watched a complete episode of the original Thundercats series created by Rankin/Bass Productions. Everything I know about the original comes from tales of an annoying thing called Snarf and internet orgasms proclaiming the majesty of the show: I have no first-hand knowledge about the predecessor to the upcoming program. That said, I feel that I’m just as excited as everyone else for this reboot. There is no memories of watching these humanoid cats on Saturday mornings, but I’m still pumped for the July premiere. I don’t know myself the atmosphere of the original show, but I’m still amazed by where they are going with the new one. I’ve never had to deal with the annoying Snarf of the original, but I still somehow breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered he wouldn’t be talking this time around.

This isn’t going to be a long article, hence why there isn’t a little “Read more” button to be found. It probably won’t exceed any of my video game articles, as you can easily see. That is because my answer is short…it looks frikken cool. And that’s all it really needs to do for me to get interested: just appear to be a great action series that I would want to sit down and watch. Most teenagers have never watched 80s cartoons before the Hub came along and gave you old guys a nostalgia attack and my generation a better window into the past than the re-run channel that is Boomerang. But it’s teenagers and tweens that Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. are hoping to catch with this new program. Sure, the older audience is good, but like with all kids networks, getting the attention of the 18+ demographics is just the sweet icing on the cake. Hell, a better metaphor might be the pumpkin pie to the turkey and gravy. Adults aren’t the target, they are the bonus points, so while it is nice to appeal to you older guys with callbacks and other junk to the past series, it isn’t really necessary to get us kids and teens interested. All they really had to do was make it look like a great show, and the promos on television are working well to do that.

I’m not bashing on the love that is being given to the original material: I would never do something like that, since I love when the creative teams behind this stuff do such things. In fact, it usually succeeds in making me even more excited for the final product. But when you get down to it, the target audience doesn’t care. What they care about is not how the creative team feels about the original, but just what they are doing with the current iteration. And what they are doing with the current iteration is making an action/adventure tale involving humanoid cats that takes itself quite seriously and looks pleasing to the eye. This is something that I can really get on-board with, hence why I’m hyped for this new cartoon, and why other kids and teens are getting hyped as well. This is RacattackForce, signing out.


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