The Twisted Whiskers Animated Series reveiw

Posted: March 15, 2011 by shonenj in Animation, Animation Reviews, Dragonpiece, Guest Writer, Uncategorized

The Twisted Whiskers Show General Review

On October 10th, 2010 the Hub finally launched. With it, was the launch of “The Twisted Whiskers Show”. Was the show good enough to start off this much anticipated network?  Find out after the break.
Before I watched this I had some huge momentum built up for it, I knew I needed whatever came on when The Hub launch to be at least “good” when starting up because it would always be my first view of the channel. When I finished watching it, I honestly was impressed. Find out why.
The Basic Premise and Overview
It stars the average home lives of pets at home and their crazy shenanigans that their owners just can’t understand. Like how the first episode had a dog being ticked off by a squirrel while trying to enjoy a nice evening with his owner. Then another episode we saw a cat trying to keep his house clean after 2 cats went into his house to party.
So would this be your type of show? Well if you happen to like the following maybe..
-Tom And Jerry
-Looney Tunes(certain shorts)
Basicly if you like the formula of what happens when you aren’t in the house then you will like this show. I certainly do, and I hope you don’t miss out on a show like this.
The Twisted Whiskers Show airs weekdays on The Hub.

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