“Pound Puppies” the 2010 animated series review

Posted: March 15, 2011 by shonenj in Animation, Animation Reviews, Dragonpiece, Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast

Pound Puppies 2010 animated series review!

As we have noticed recently, there haven’t been much articles on The Scratch Pad lately besides audio post’s so I thought I’d do a new animation review on the 2010 version of the hit animated show “Pound Puppies”!

So the story is like this. You are a dog who just walks into the pound, the first thing you have in your mind is adoption. You want to get adopted so you can stop getting bad food, get a better living condition and just have a good friend. That’s where the pound puppies come in. They help out pup’s like you so that you can get a good person to take you home and give you a good life.

You: “Now wait a second, that is what this show is about? They do this every episode?!”

Me: Yes, as a matter of fact. They do. Now let me continue on.

Like I just said above, that is the basic plot set up for each episode. To be honest, it does work…if you have never seen a episode before. When I first watched the show,I was surprised I actually liked it. Then after 2 more, I just god bored with it.  It wasn’t the fact that the characters and story were bad, you could just predict what would happen and could guess the story. Those are just 2 big no,no’s for me in my opinion.

Anyway, if you still want to get into the show more. Let’s discuss the characters, we have the leader, Lucky. Cookie, the second in command. Niblet, my favorite sheep dog. And we also have Squirt, the good cute marketable Chihuahua. Now to be honest,I actually like these characters. No, LOVE THEM! They are all so unique and different and range in personality and also are all equally lovable it works! Lot’s of  props to the creator with the lovable cast.

Now there is one thing in this review I have yet to talk about, and this has been bugging me since seeing the theme song.

Probably because the fact the creator who created this show made Recess, but this show is very,VERY similar to Recess. Not because of the same plot of course, but because of the same formula this show works.

1. Theme song showing premise of show.

2. Introducing Plot

3. Plot

4.Rising Action

5. Climax

6. Ending

That is your basic premise episode. Sure things change every now and then, but is just isn’t really funny after a while.

So overall, is this show good. Yeah, it’s good. But after awhile you will just get bored with it. So I am going to rate this show a nice solid C- for it’s good charm and funny character, but boring formula.

  1. Jacob Williams says:

    I actually can’t get enough of this show!! Yes, the formula can be boring, but the problems that’re formed help make the episode “bearable”. I thought every episode was just as good as the last, but that my opinion.

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