Animation Highlights for the week of February 21st!

Posted: February 20, 2011 by shonenj in Uncategorized

For the week of Februrary 21st, 2011!

Time for a new write up on the Scratch Pad, where every week we give out the latest dish on animation airing this week. This way, you can know what to watch this week and what to NOT miss out on!



Monday this week you can catch your usual amount of comedy antics on Cartoon Network with new episodes of Adventure Time, Regular Show and Mad starting at 8pm est!



Sadly nothing of value of what The Scratch Pad usually discusses airs Tuesday, sorry Glee fans. There is this show called Archer airing @10pm EST on FX though, heard it is a pretty good show. 😉



Wednesday is always a good day for premiers and Cartoon Network knows that with a new episode of Symbionic Titan airing @7pm EST on Cartoon Network, then switch over to Nicktoons and catch a brand new episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai where we see our introduction of Trunks @8pm EST!



Catch another episode of Dbzkai on Nicktoons and discover Trunk’s past and how he knew of Freeza’s arrival @8pm EST!



Friday is always big in the toons world but not with Cartoon Network this week sadly as they are showing the Hall of Lame awards. But don’t fear as our new Hub tv network knows what’s down with a brand new episode of Transformers Prime @6:30 pm EST!



Your usual new episodes of Saturday Morning Cartoons on Toonzai and Cartoon Network  like Yugioh 5d’s, network premiers of Dbzkai and new episodes of Pokemon Black & White on Cartoon Network! Then later in the night catch a new Dan Vs. @8pm EST!



If you are a fan of Seth Mcflare, you should stick it to Fox on this night with the new episodes of Family Guy,American Dad, The Cleveland show and oh yeah, The Simpsons and Bob’s burgers.

Over all, a pretty usual week in animation besides what Cartoon Network is doing on Friday night. Lots of things too look forward to. Tell us what you are looking forward to in the comments!

  1. Kieran Pertnav says:

    Bob’s Burgers is actually pretty good.

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