Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast – Episode 3 – The Joey of Nicktoons

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In this episode Dragonpiece and I get you caught up on the latest animation news and then we head right into a discussion of Planet Sheen. If we learned anything from recording this episode it’s, we are better off with at least three critics and Dragonpiece and I need to do a better job checking our facts and by that I mean we need to check our facts period (you can see our mistakes after the jump). As always we hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast
~ Andrew “Sketch” Hingson

Download Episode 3 Here


No intro this week. I forgot to record it and was not able to record one before uploading it so it could stream on Toon Radio at the usual time.


If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Thundercats image.

And here’s the toys


On the way to Third Earth, the Thundercats were in suspended animation pods but Lion-O’s malfuncationed causing him to age slowly while the others remained the same age. I got that mostly right.


Larry Kenny will be voicing Lion-O’s Father Claudius not Jaga. Minus points for me.


You can follow the Official Voltron Twitter account for updates on the new series Voltron Force coming this year to Nicktoons Network.


This is the second time we’ve dumped on Jersey Shore during the podcast and I’m sure it wont be the last.


I’m refering to MTV’s animated shows such as Liquid Television, The Brothers Grunt, The Head and The Maxx.


Iris and Dent are the American names for Ash’s traveling companions in the Pokemon Black and White animated series.

Dent is voiced by Mamoru Miyano who also voiced Light Yagami in Death Note, Tamaki Suoh in Ouran High School Host Club, and Setsuna F. Seiei in Gundam 00 among other roles.


According to what few Pokemon resources I checked, Brock never left during the Johto seasons. Minus points for Dragonpiece but he was probably thinking of the Orange Islands season in which Brock was not traveling with Ash and Misty but he returned for the Johto seasons.


A good spin-off show I should have named is Pinky and the Brain which was spun-off from Animaniacs but generally good spin-offs are few and far between.


Carl did sing in Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius so that’s another quirk Doppy homages from Carl in Planet Sheen. Minus more points for me.


Dorkus is the name of the villain character in Planet Sheen. Minus more points for Dragonpiece. His henchman is named Pinter.


I even mentioned Pinky and the Brain right there and still didn’t point out that was a good spin-off. Clearly I was on the ball this episode.


Here is the review I did for Nick and More. I’ve somewhat changed my tune regarding Sheen since then.


The blue skinned girl is named Aseefa, minus points for Dragonpiece again but don’t worry about it. As with Whose Line is it Anyway, the points don’t matter.


Props to the fantastic voice cast including Jeffery Garcia, Rob Paulsen, Candi Milo, Jeff Benett, Fred Tatasciore (whose name we butchered severly) and Thomas Lennon and Bob Joles who voice Pinter and Mr. Nesmith respectively and should not have gone unmentioned.


Planet Sheen is created by Kevin Alcorn and Steve Oedekerk. The Jimmy Neutron characters (including Sheen) and concepts were created by John A. Davis and both Kevin and Steve worked on Jimmy Neutron with him. Steve Oedekerk created Back at the Barnyard with neither of them. All three series were produced by O Entertainment the company Steve Oedekerk founded. My bad for implying Steve Oedekerk created Jimmy Neutron when John A. Davis deserves that credit and he is not working on Planet Sheen.


New episodes of Planet Sheen are currently premiereing Saturday mornings at 11:30 AM EST / PST on Nickelodeon.


Minus points to both Dragonpiece and myself because it’s Ultralord not Ultraman which is a tokutatsu from Japan. Clearly neither of us have watched Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius lately.

And that’s a wrap.

In case you haven’t heard we are now streaming on Toon Radio at 10PM EST / 7PM PST every Wednesday night and 11AM EST / 8AM PST every Thursday. Episodes will premiere on that stream before being posted here on Wednesday night.

Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast now has it’s own Twitter account. Feel free to follow it and drop us a line at

You can find Dragon Piece’s blog at and his twitter

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Let us know what you thought of the show. We appreciate any comments and suggestions. This episode was recorded using a Skype call and Audacity.

The only music used in this episode is the opening theme from Planet Sheen.


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