Episode Five

The Notaku Diaries word of the day? BULLSHIT. Air was an idiotic series that had writers who completely and utterly refused to play to their strengths. If episodes 11 and 12 were anything to go by, the writers are great at realistic drama. As all of us stated, what could have been at least an entertaining show was ruined by supernatural bullshit. But we go more into that, and also use the word “bullshit” a lot more, in the actual episode.

I’ve also gotta say that I’m really sorry about the delay. Homework and Super Bowl XLV got in the way of me being able to edit this episode and post it on time. Other news related to this episode includes the lack of TomatoSurprise (don’t worry, he returns next week), TetrisDork giving Air the finger, incredible levels of gar, and so much more. The opening theme is Tori No Uta by Lia, while the ending theme is Underground by High Voltage.


EDIT: Audio problem fixed.

Download Episode 5 Here

Head below the jump to see what shows we are covering this week…

Air #12 – “~Air~” (watch)

Princess Tutu #10 – “Cinderella” (watch)
Princess Tutu #11 – “La Sylphide” (watch)
Princess Tutu #12 – “Banquet of Darkness” (watch)
Princess Tutu #13 – “Swan Lake” (watch)

Trigun #6 – “Lost July” (watch)
Trigun #7 – “B.D.N.” (watch)
Trigun #8 – “And Between the Wasteland and the Sky” (watch)
Trigun #9 – “Murder Machine” (watch)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann #1 – “Bust Through the Heavens With Your Drill!” (watch)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann #2 – “I Said I’d Pilot It!” (watch)


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