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Hello. My name is tetrisdork. Some of you know me as Vyse over on the ToonZone forums. Some of you know me on Twitter by the same alias I’m going by right now. You also may have seen my work (under my real name of Jonathan) over on nerd-interest site gaijINside and its Twitter feed during Anime Weekend Atlanta. And, for the past couple of weeks, you heard me on the Notaku Diaries on this very blog. Well, the Scratch Pad crew behind the podcast invited me to stay and help contribute to The [Real] Scratch Pad. And, upon a suggestion by friend-of-the-program Dragonpiece concerning problems downloading the podcast, I am now officially TRSP’s media manager. The following post will detail our current situations involving Notaku Diaries, NAOCP, upcoming articles, and miscellaneous site upkeep. After the jump, I’ll address everything I can think of.

WRSP – The [Real] Scratch Pad’s Podcasts

Let’s start with how you can get our podcasts, since that is the reason why I became “media manager”. Previously, the old way was to drag this blog’s RSS feed into a podcast aggregator/manager like iTunes and it will get each episode of Notaku Diaries and NAOCP automatically as they post on the blog. This past Wednesday, Episode 2 of NAOCP went live on the blog, but iTunes users (mainly us Padders) couldn’t get the episode automatically downloaded. One day later, RacattackForce discovered the problem and fixed it…

HTML is a b****. Gotta keep it clean here for a bit.

Click to embiggen; quite hilarious

So, yeah, we fixed it. However, Racattack and myself realize the damage is done and we have to create a new solution. A solution where this probably won’t happen again, as well as make something that would be presentable on the iTunes Store’s podcast directory once we submit it to them. Within a few days, a new alternative and solution was born.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is WRSP. Every single podcast we post – Notaku Diaries, NAOCP, and any future ideas – will be posted here. Right now, episodes will be posted sometime after they debut on TRSP proper. However, if you are using iTunes or any podcast aggregator, we recommend that you use the WRSP feed from now on. There are some perks to this, too:

Left: Dirty Mouth! Right: SO FRESH SO CLEAN!

Left: iTunes info box for NAOCP Ep. 2 from TRSP's main RSS feed. Right: same thing, but the file came from the Podcast-Only WRSP feed. Click to embiggen.

It may not look like it if you are viewing it as a single line, but when you are viewing the full description in iTunes or on your iPod, it looks real good. I’ll figure out the single-line description problem later, but right now, this looks really good. Also, if you click on the link in iTunes, it will access to whatever we link to. In all cases, it will be the post of the podcast episode in question. It’s awesome and you will like it.

Since I’m on the subject of iTunes, I have submitted the WRSP feed for inclusion in the iTunes podcast directory. The graphic at the very top of the post will be the the first thing seen on the iTunes listing. However, that may be temporary, as we might add new audio/video content outside of the two running podcasts. but, it’s there and it works. The Padders and myself are also working on creating cover art for Notaku Diaries and NAOCP so that each episode has art and you don’t have to stare at the generic iTunes podcast logo whenever you listen to our shows. And, I am considering creating separate feeds for Notaku Diaries and NAOCP, but I’m going to wait until demand is there. If you want separate feeds, either post a comment here, on Facebook, send a tweet to us, or email us. And, when WRSP does get submitted into iTunes and we see the listing, we’ll let you know.


Speaking of email, we now have a general email feed. I do understand that some people aren’t used to commenting on blogs. Not everyone has a Twitter account or going to create one just to say “@TomatoSurprise did an excellent job breaking down Jonah Hex on his recent @realscratchpad article!” And, while there are more people on Facebook than there are people living in the United States, it’s still only less than 8 percent of the human population. That means that there is 92 percent of humanity that doesn’t care about Mark Zuckerberg’s fancy web site. So, it was about time we went old school.

Yes, we now have an email account. Since I didn’t want to host TRSP’s podcast feeds on my Google account, and I pondered why they don’t list email as a form of feedback, I figured “Why not?” and killed two birds with one stone. I created a Gmail account for TRSP. Now, if you don’t feel like commenting and don’t want to use Facebook or Twitter, you can send us some mail via realscratchpad@gmail.com. Any question, comment, criticism, hate mail, praise, tip, suggestion, inquiry for guest posting/guest hosting, and spam will be appreciated and probably read – we’re still iffy if we want to click on the mail from the Nigerian prince wanting our credit card numbers. And, we may reply back to you.

Again, realscratchpad@gmail.com is the email address.


As you may have heard or read by now, both NAOCP and Notaku Diaries have aired on Toon Radio, an Internet streaming radio station devoted to airing songs from cartoons as well as shows devoted to animation and other geeky interests like GeekNights. Friend-of-the-Pad Jeff Harris introduced us to the guy running the station and we have become partners. As such, our content is now a part of the schedule.

As mentioned by Sketch in episode 2, NAOCP will debut first on Toon Radio every Wednesday at 10 PM EST/ 7 PM PST before showing up here on The Real Scratch Pad and WRSP. If you missed it last night, you can catch it again the following Thursday at 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST. Episode 4 of the Notaku Diaries streamed this past Thursday, and it is most likely that episodes will stream every Thursday at 10 PM EST/ 7 PM PST. However, new episodes of Notaku Diaries will still be posted here and on WRSP before hitting the airwaves. If any changes happen, see the latest episode posts for Notaku Diaries and/or NAOCP and check our Twitter feed.

Audio’s cool and all, but what about the articles?

One of the chief complaints we have been getting from the podcasts is that it has slowed posting articles here. Well, we’re working on that. Schedules and life can do that, but so does creating podcasts and viewing a bunch of content in order to have a halfway-decent discussion on those podcasts. Don’t worry. We’re working on that. Seriously. Tomato have been developing a few things – a couple of articles, a bit of audio content, and at least a new regular feature – and most of it involves Jonah Hex. Expect his latest article to go up before or after this article. The other Padders will also eventually post their first articles of the year once their schedules are good and the inspiration arrives to them.

There are also plans to develop a postmortem article series for Notaku Diaries, comparing our opinions and scores for each series we tackle against the reviews and user scores from web sites like ANN, Mania/AnimeOnDVD, and AniDB. We would also like those who suggested the anime featured to give pretty much a final word on their picks, mentioning why they suggested it, their opinions on the series, and probably defend it if we bashed it to high heaven (looking at you, Air!). That article series, currently called Notaku Versus Otaku, is still in the planning stages. But, if you were the person who suggested any of the anime on the schedule, please contact us or respond back to any contact we may send to you. And also get in touch with me as I will be the one creating and planning NVO.

If you knew me on Twitter, you should have probably expected me to have a picture of chibi Rei and Asuka. I just needed an appropriate situation.

Well, with all that said and me breaking out my AWA 2008 purchases/personal mascots, it’s time to wrap this up. Expect more from us to come and these meta-posts to keep you updated. Until then, listen and subscribe to our podcasts. Read our articles. Share what you like on Twitter and Facebook (and everywhere else). Give us feedback (even email via realscratchpad@gmail.com). And, of course, keep visiting. To use/steal something from sports blog Deadspin, thank you for your continued support of The Real Scratch Pad/The [Real] Scratch Pad/The Scratch Pad/this blog.


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