In this episode we pay tribute to the late great Robotomy. I meant to get this episode up before the last episode aired on Cartoon Network but unfortunately I was not able to do that. This episode was recorded a few weeks ago so the news is a bit out-dated but if you haven’t heard it yet then it’s still news to you. We’d like to thank Tomato Surprise for joining us this episode and we hope to have him back soon. Thanks for sticking with us, we’re still working some kinks out. None the less we hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast
~ Andrew “Sketch” Hingson

Download Episode 2 Here

With a heavy heart we must report that Robotomy is officially cancelled and you can read a bit about that from co-creator Michael Buckley on his blog. We hope Michael, Joe Deasy, Christy Karacas, the folks at World Leaders and Great City and the entire cast will move on to bigger and better things. Thanks for the laughs folks.

If you want to watch Robotomy, I highly recommend buying the episodes on itunes.

In case you haven’t heard we are now streaming on Toon Radio 10PM EST / 7PM PST every Wednesday night and 11AM EST / 8AM PST every Thursday. Episodes will premiere on that stream before being posted here on Wednesday night.

Poke around this site and read some of Tomato Surprises articles they’re all great. You can follow him on twitter at

You can find Dragon Piece’s blog at and his twitter

You can find my twitter at

Let us know what you thought of the show. We appreciate any comments and suggestions. This episode was recorded over Skype using a Skype recording software we’re trying out a few things and hopefully the next episodes audio quality will be a lot better.

We shamelessly stole Conan’s intro music again and will surely continue to do so. Other music featured in this episode are the opening and ending music from Robotomy.


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