Episode Three

Now we’re getting somewhere: while the first two episodes weren’t bad by any means, I feel that this is where we start getting good, comfortable, and funny at times. This may have been helped by the fact we had a guest for this episode: TetrisDork/Vyse. It was great to have him around for both this episode and the next, and hopefully he’ll come back in again sometime in the near future. We may have had to delay recording this episode for a good week, so he could watch everything necessary to do this with us, but it was 100% worth it. One more thing about this episode you guys should know is the audio feedback: I have apologize for the audio feedback you’ll hear once in a while throughout the podcast. A majority of it couldn’t be removed without deleting some of the conversation as well, and it seems like all that irremovable feedback was coming from Chdr’s Hey You, Pikachu! microphone crappy microphone which is something that hasn’t happened before with that mic. The opening song is All The Way by Mikuni Shimokawa. ~ RacattackForce

P.S. – This is the figurine that I freak everyone out with partway through the podcast. Yeah…we weren’t aware of Gakuen Kino at the time.

Download Episode Three Here

Head below the jump to see what shows we are covering this week…

This week’s show covers the following episodes:

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal #2 – “The Lost Cat”
Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal #3 – “The Previous Night at the Mountain Home
Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal #4 – “The Cross-Shaped Wound”

Paranoia Agent #13 – “The Final Episode”

Kino’s Journey #13 – “A Kind Land ~Tomorrow Never Comes~” (This series can be watched legally on The Anime Network site, but requires paid subscription.)

Princess Tutu #1 – “The Duck and the Prince” (watch)
Princess Tutu #2 – “Heart Shard” (watch)
Princess Tutu #3 – “A Princess’s Vow” (watch)

Air #1 – “~Breeze~” (watch)
Air #2 – “~Town~” (watch)
Air #3 – “~Whisper~” (watch)
Air #4 – “~Plume~” (watch)
Air #5 – “~Wing~” (watch)

FLCL #1 – “Fooly Cooly”
FLCL #2 – “Fire Starter”
FLCL #3 – “Marquis de Carabas”
FLCL #4 – “Full Swing”
FLCL #5 – “Brittle Bullet”

  1. chdr says:

    About the mic issues: not sure what happened, considering I’ve been using the same mic from the last two episodes (It’s also my crappy second mic, not the N64 one)

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