After weeks in the works we are proud to introduce you to Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast, the podcast about new and current cartoons because after all there’s enough podcasts caught up in the “good ‘ol days” of animation. Every week I’ll be joined by my co-host Dragon Piece along my good buddy and the host of Anime Abomination, Don East. In fact we’ll be joined by a different guest often if not every week. Kind of like Batman: The Brave and the Bold which happens to be our first animated series showcase. We’ll also present you with some recent animation related news and probably get off topic more than a few times. We hope you enjoy the first episode of Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast
~ Andrew “Sketch” Hingson

Download Episode 1 Here

Stick around after the episode to witness why we wont be doing live commentaries on episodes. At least not on the ones streaming on The Cartoon Network’s website. You can consider that your ending because somehow the outro audio either never recorded or got deleted.

Check out Don East’s anime review series Anime Abomination streaming now on

You can find Dragon Piece’s blog at and his twitter

You can find my twitter at

Let us know what you thought of the show. We appreciate any comments and suggestions.

Yes we shamelessly stole Conan’s intro music but hey, it’s some legit stuff. Other music featured in this episode include two tracks available on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold – Mayhem of the Music Meister Soundtrack purchased from and available now on iTunes as well as


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