Episode Two

This episode has the entire Notaku Diaries cast on board: Tomato Surprise, Chdr, ToonFaithful, and myself. The King of Tomatoes and the Duke of Chairs-made-of-Cheese still do most of the talking here, since I’m basically a deer-in-headlights throughout the entire thing, and Skype kept dropping ToonFaithful for whatever reason. I feel that while Episode 2 is an improvement, Episode 3 is where we start getting really good, so stay tuned for that. The opening song is A Stray Puppy and the Beat of the Rain (Maigoinu to Ame no Beat) by Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

~ RacattackForce

Download Episode Two Here

Head below the jump to see what shows we are covering this week…

This week’s show covers the following episodes:

Paranoia Agent #7 – “MHz”
Paranoia Agent #8 – “Happy Family Planning”
Paranoia Agent #9 – “ETC”
Paranoia Agent #10 – “Mellow Maromi”
Paranoia Agent #11 – “No Entry”
Paranoia Agent #12 – “Radar Man”

Kino’s Journey #7 – “Coliseum (Part 2) ~Avengers~” (This series can be watched legally on The Anime Network site, but requires paid subscription.)
Kino’s Journey #8 – “Land of Wizards ~Potentials of Magic~”
Kino’s Journey #9 – “Land of Books ~Nothing is Written~”
Kino’s Journey #10 – “A Tale of Mechanical Dolls ~One-Way Mission~”
Kino’s Journey #11 – “Her Journey ~Love and Bullets~”
Kino’s Journey #12 – “A Peaceful Land ~Mother’s Love~”

The Tatami Galaxy #7 – “Hero Show Association” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #8 – “Reading Circle Sea” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #9 – “Secret Society Lucky Chinese Cat Restaurant” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #10 – “The 4.5 Tatami Ideologue” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #11 – “The End of the 4.5 Tatami Age” – watch

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal #1 – “The Man of the Slashing Sword”


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