Episode One

Hosted by Tomato Surprise and Chdr. The opening song is Dream Island Obsessional Park (Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen) by Susumu Hirasawa. This is the first episode, so it is a bit rough, with everyone talking over each other at times, but all-in-all, I feel like it was a good job. ~ RacattackForce

Download Episode One Here

Head below the jump to see what shows we are covering this week…

This week’s show covers the following episodes:

Paranoia Agent #1 – “Enter Lil’ Slugger”
Paranoia Agent #2 – “The Golden Shoes”
Paranoia Agent #3 – “Double Lips”
Paranoia Agent #4 – “A Man’s Path”
Paranoia Agent #5 – “The Holy Warrior”
Paranoia Agent #6 – “Fear of a Direct Hit”

Kino’s Journey #1 – “Land of Visible Pain ~I See You~” (This series can be watched legally on The Anime Network site, but requires paid subscription beyond episode one.)
Kino’s Journey #2 – “A Tale of Feeding Off Others ~I Want to Live”
Kino’s Journey #3 – “Land of Prophecies ~We No the Future~”
Kino’s Journey #4 – “Land of Adults ~Natural Right~”
Kino’s Journey #5 – “Three Men Along the Rails ~On the Rails~”
Kino’s Journey #6 – “Coliseum (Part 1) ~Avengers~”

The Tatami Galaxy #1 – “Tennis Circle Cupid” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #2 – “Movie Circle Misogi” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #3 – “Cycling Club Soleil” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #4 – “Disciples Wanted” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #5 – “Softball Circle Honwaka” – watch
The Tatami Galaxy #6 – “English Conversation Circle” – watch

  1. Mickee C says:

    Good podcast guys. Hey uh, I’ve been planning this character called “The Notaku” who basically grills the worst anime he can find. Would it be all-right if I called myself that? My style would be different of course, more of a Nostalgia Critic style.

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