Unnatural History is History

Posted: November 26, 2010 by toonfaithful in Animation, Animation Editorials, Authors, ToonFaithful

Unnatural History has been cancelled. You’re probably celebrating the fate of the show. Being happy Cartoon Network’s first live-action 1 hour drama series has not been picked up for a second season and hoping no more live-action will air on the channel. If I hadn’t experience Unnatural History back in June, I would be partying but since I’ve seen it, I feel sad for the crew and the show. Unnatural History was a great show. This was the first time I actually enjoyed a live-action series on Cartoon Network. From the moment I started watching it, I knew it would become one of my favorites.

Unnatural History, created by Mike Werb, is about a teenager named Henry Griffin who has exceptional skills acquired through years of globe-trotting with his anthropologist parents. He then moves back to America with his cousin Jasper and Jasper’s friend Maggie. Henry uses the ancient skills he learned around the globe to solve the postmodern mysteries of high school. When I first saw the promo for the show, I thought Unnatural History would be bland and just a boring live-action show on Cartoon Network. I decided to check out the pilot back in June and was starting to like it. Unnatural History was filled with solving mysteries, action, and humor. It’s a fun show.

Like Tower Prep, I think Unnatural History would make a great animated series. That way, we don’t have to worry about acting because we’ll have the animation, the actors who originally stared in the show can voice act for the characters, and we don’t have to worry about the two shows being live-action. Anyways, live-action or animation, I’ll watch Unnatural History. Yes, it’s live-action on Cartoon Network but it’s decent live-action. Cartoon Network cancelled this show instead of Tower Prep which I think is a fail. Unnatural History had far better ratings than Tower Prep and it actually had a fanbase. Yes, a fan-base for a live-action show on Cartoon Network. Unbelievable, right? I see lots and lots of Unnatural History fans on Twitter. It’s just weird that Cartoon Network would cancel UH first instead of Tower Prep. Unnatural History has been one of the best live-action series I’ve seen on Cartoon Network and to see it cancelled, shame. Really hoping another network(The Hub) will pick up the show and maybe they can put it on DVD. I wish the best of luck to Mike Werb and the UH crew.

  1. Mike Werb says:

    Toonfaithful: Hey, thanks so much for the shout-out as the S.S. Unnatural sinks beneath the tidal wave of corporate decision making. Much appreciated!

  2. toonfaithful says:

    You’re welcome. Thanks for that awesome show.

  3. Jordan Gavaris says:

    Toonfaithful: I’m so glad I stumbled onto this blog- I’m pulling for a DVD release too and would jump at the opportunity to do commentaries while I can still remember the shoot. It means a lot that, in spite of the fact that Unnatural History was live-action (we know there was A LOT of opposition), you gave our show a shot and enjoyed it. Thanks again,

  4. MasterHaku says:

    This show was canceled, unlike Tower Prep, because it was failing with the age group Cartoon Network wanted, and each week it lost viewers, Tower Prep, which I happen to like, has been having increased viewers and they are more coming into the age group.

    • toonfaithful says:

      No, Unnatural History was a success with the age group Cartoon Network wanted, and it gained viewers. Also to mention like I said in the post, Unnatural History’s ratings surpassed Tower Prep’s. That being said, it was a shocker to see Unnatural History canned and Tower Prep not.

    • toonfaithful says:

      Also, Tower Prep’s ratings were really low during airtime.

  5. […] That you can blow even harder in the ratings with all the live-action junk which is failing? Unnatural History is canned, while Tower Prep failed to get a million viewers for most of its short run. Kids aren’t […]

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