Guest Post: Should Adult Swim take Cartoon Network’s 9pm/8pm CT Timeslot away?

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So, I think you people remember that in Cartoon Network’s Codename: Kids Next Door pilot, kids weren’t even allowed to even touch the water during the adult’s swim time. But come 2011, kids might be able to even swim in the water, because Adult Swim will be starting as early as 9PM eastern time and 8PM central time. Adult Swim would be expanding to that time period for 7 days a week. I think it’s wrong to let a kid watch the programming block at 8PM on a school night.

Cartoon Network did have new shows premiere later than that timeslot, before Adult Swim had eaten away about 75% of the night schedule. Currently, kids can watch until 10pm/9pm CT. But back in the day, Cartoon Network was 24-hour channel, until Adult Swim came into the mix in September 2, 2001. It was only 1 day (Sunday) for 3 hours. A lot of kids were already asleep at 11pm or even 10pm. But, not at 8pm. Are you serious? At that time, about 90%-95% of viewers will not be able to watch this network and then they will go to another.

To me, Adult Swim should start at the 10pm/9pm CT: it just makes perfect sense. Not an hour more devoted to Adult Swim. Then in the 8pm hour, MAD and Regular Show can air. Or in the vein of Nickelodeon, after a certain time, it should be considered to be apart of Nick @ Nite. Why doesn’t Cartoon Network do that way? Or, do they want to be separate all the way? I think no, because they don’t truly want to be separate channels.

During the summer months, it was fine, because alot of kids were staying up all night anyway. But during the school year, it would be useless, because they’re stuck inside and some of them are not sleep until 9PM. Since January 1, 2009, King of the Hill has been on at the forefront of Adult Swim’s schedule every day. It has been unheard of until now: no channel has ever aired that many days for comedies ever.

Adult Swim’s schedule mostly consists of repeated FOX shows, Adult Swim original animated shows that are 15 minutes, and what I believe to be “live-action shit”. If they would reduce or toss all of the live-action shows, then Turner Broadcasting would have more hours for Cartoon Network live off of. But, yet, they don’t want to do this. Why? This is the key to have more hours considering it’s on Sundays and Fridays. The original days when Adult Swim was airing shows on.

The original announcement was released by Cartoon Network’s current president Stuart Snyder and it won’t take into affect until Fall 2011, so there is still 1 more year of the 9pm/8pm CT hour, but I think everyone should treasure this. To me, it’s just rewarding Adult Swim with their own individual success, and reducing Cartoon Network’s hours because they’re failing due to the shows that they put on their own network. I think in 2011, this plan should be null and void. With MAD and Regular Show being so good, this shouldn’t happen and I hope it won’t, because it would reduce the channel’s viewers, ratings and how people watch this network with a passion.

I have to say, in my own opinion, that one of the main key reasons is how they get their ratings: viewership is based on the amount of the hours that they air on a daily basis. It’s one of the key reasons why Cartoon Network wants to extend the schedule by 1 full hour. Another one, would be the advertisements on another channels, so they can promote what is on tonight or that week for that block. But, the majority of the viewers are 18-34 male demographically. Meanwhile, the another channel that’s owned by Turner is TBS, is beating out Adult Swim. Because of the shows that they air in the daytime and not the nighttime and that’s where Adult Swim is leading.

I think a channel is not a priority right now, but they do need one soon, because they never could do daytime, because of the fact that’s the kiddie’s time to watch on television. I think 10pm/9pm CT is an acceptable time to start airing Adult Swim, but that’s just my own opinion. There’s a lot more competitors in the daytime than in the nighttime though, and thus I think Adult Swim should stay on late nights.

It’s been reported that The Cleveland Show would be coming to Adult Swim in Fall 2013. And American Dad will be on Saturday Nights to replace The Boondocks? It will never happen. First things first, it’s Saturday Night: that’s anime night for Adult Swim and since when is American Dad an anime? The Boondocks is a show that was made in America, but then dubbed in Japanese. So, it’s an exported anime. Secondly, I’ve heard that Family Guy, American Dad and King of the Hill would be 3 hours on Saturdays? Never. Because, all of them are not anime. It would be fine if it’s at 9pm to 10pm. But not 3 hours. That means less time for anime fans. I don’t think that Seth McFarlene’s 3 FOX shows will be on Saturdays. Why would people rather see comedies when it’s an anime night? Are you saying that you’ve would rather see tradition dead and a new tradition coming into affect? I think that’s immoral and just cruel.

But Cartoon Network in general is starting to be a kickass network with actually good shows. After Synder’s announcement, Cartoon Network got Adventure Time in April and Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated in July. The new Total Drama series called Total Drama World Tour and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien have been reported to have high ratings. Then on Labor Day, 2 new shows that premiered: MAD and Regular Show. Both of the shows, got ratings as good as that night’s newest episode of Adventure Time. Is that telling people to go back and watch Cartoon Network or is it telling people that it’s acceptable to move Adult Swim to 9pm/8pm CT?

The fact is: what to do at 9pm/8pm CT? What would they show? What would happen in that timeslot? I think those questions will be answered over time, when it will be acceptable to address this topic once more. We can hope that the change won’t occur, but who knows what the future holds?

Joshua Dierickx

  1. Sketch says:

    You sure about it starting in Fall? Because I’ve only read January myself. But if you have a more recent source stating it starts in Fall then I’m at least slightly relieved.

    American Dad WILL be airing on Saturday night in the 11PM hour starting next Saturday. Go check the Adult Swim schedule. Not as if King of the Hill really fits in with the anime either but it had The Boondocks as a bridge show. Which at least from a visual stand-point fits in with anime.

    They were going to play Family Guy that night as well but for whatever reason they decided not to and changed that plan on their most recent schedule update (something I’m quite glad about personally).

    I don’t want more FOX shows on Saturday or on Adult Swim in general but you’re kidding yourself if you think even Bleach can beat Seth shows on the same night much less the other anime that don’t do as well in the ratings. I don’t except AS will drop anime though. It does well on Saturday because comedy viewers are out doing stuff on that night. I don’t want the tradition of action on Adult Swim to end but if they have comedies that can do as well or better on Saturday (and right now they don’t have many) then anime could be in serious danger of leaving Adult Swim. Thankfully Williams Street dig’s anime so they’ll continue to play it even if it doesn’t do gang-busters as long as it pulls its’ weight.

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