Eh, What The Hell, Doc?

Posted: August 14, 2010 by doneast in Animation, Animation Editorials, Don East


Why?  Just why?  Whose bright idea was this and can I call the men in white coats on him?
I remember as a kid watching the episode of “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” that had Conan O’Brien guest starring.  At one point SG told CoCo about his pitch to the WB involving Bugs Bunny.

“Well, they won’t carry anything, Conan, because I pitched them a show where Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny were teenagers, and I was a teenager too, and we were all pirates, but every week we would have different jobs and identities. And they called back and said it was stupid! And that I was stupid too! And let me tell ya something. There’s nothing stupid about a teenage rabbit teaching good hygiene! Nothing!”

And yeah it was pretty stupid & I thought there’s no way Warner Bros need to do something like that to their mascot.  Then Warner Bros made “Loonatics,” a bizarre cross between “Looney Tunes” & the “Teen Titans” cartoon (Like we need another show like the latter) that lasted for two seasons.  And once agian, it was pretty stupid & I thought there’s no way Warner Bros can top that.  But now it seems that the WB has decided to subject the beloved icon of animation into a CGI/live action hybrid flick.  Do I even need to point out the flaws with this.

Yeah, I know that (Lord help me) the “Alvin & the Chipmunks” movies were successful but they were flukes.  Everyother CGI schlockfest that brings down the name of a good toon has never been made that much money.  “Marmaduke,” Underdog,” and, for an older example that more studios should look at, “the Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle” all have the same concept of old cartoon characters in CGI and were both critical & financial failures.  Seriously, this stuff is bad for the economy, no one is watching and as such no one is paying to see it and film companies lose money.  More likely it will cost alot of money for not just the CGI but getting a desperate celebrity to voice the rabbit just so studios can alter the voice to sound more like Mel Blanc which asks the question, why just the regular voice actor?

In fact, what will happen if Yogi Bear flops when it comes out?  Will Warners back off or much like CN and the government march on with the bad ideas like the video game “Lemmings” off a cliff?

God, I need a drink.


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