5 Anime Nick Could License From Funimation (That Could Be Successful)

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(Note: Tomato here, welcoming a new guest contributor to the blog: Cirno64, AKA J!!!! I recommend that you check out his awesome animation blog, located at http://cirno64.blogspot.com/! Let us know in comments if you want to hear more from him on The Scratch Pad!)

Hello there! I’m J!!!/Cirno64 from ToonZone, and I wanted to do a guest post on The Scratch Pad today! This is my first ever attempt at an, erm, “editorial”, so please keep that in mind while reading!


I’m pretty sure that, by now, you’ve heard the rumors flying around that Nickelodeon is looking into picking up more Funimation anime to air on their networks because of Dragon Ball Z Kai’s high ratings (Toonzai/4Kids are also looking, but I want to focus on Nickelodeon in this article). This is great, because it could spark a new era for anime on U.S. television, and bring forth a new generation of anime fans that would be interested in stuff other than Naruto and Bleach.

But, here’s the real question I wanted to answer with you guys today: does Funimation have any other series that Nick would be interested in airing? Funimation has a ton of other series they could air, but most of them are geared at an audience older than children. Do they have anything else, though, that could be successful with children?

That’s why I’ve gone and compiled a list for you ScratchPad Faithfuls of 5 anime that I think Nick could air on their networks (with some editing) that could probably garner decent ratings, if given time to grow and find an audience. Oh, and keep in mind that I have seen all these series before. So, I’m not just going and finding a series they have that LOOKS like it’s for children and then saying “Hey, this could work!”

Also keep in mind that this list isn’t in any order of importance or anything, it’s just a few series I think could air and be successful. Now, let’s begin~

1.) Sgt. Frog

I know I said that this list isn’t in any order of importance, but I want to start off with this because I know Nick is aware of its existence.

Let me give you a history lesson. Nickelodeon picked up this show a few years ago, when ADV had the rights to it, so that they could air it on the main Nick channel. But, when ADV went bankrupt and transferred the series to Funimation, the deal fell through, and Nick lost the license to the series. Despite that, they never showed any interest in re-licensing the show after Funimation got it from ADV.

But now that they are thinking of getting more anime from Funimation’s library, this raises an interesting idea or plan they could do: license the anime from Funimation, advertise it for a while, then air it every Saturday morning or something until the show finds an audience. The series is already very popular in Japan, and probably could be just as successful here. (The series also has a ton of movies that could be sold as Direct-To-Video feature’s here)

See, the series would only need minimal editing here to be suitable to air with a TV-Y7-FV rating. Plus, it’s a show that could probably work on Nick OR Nicktoons (or maybe even both networks!) , probably becoming popular fairly fast. There’s only two problems, though. Firstly, Nick wanted ADV to license merchandising to them if they aired the series,. They did that, but then they went bankrupt before they could do anything with those rights. I’m certain Funimation has the merchandising rights to the series here, because they sell wallets and keychains based on the anime. But, would they be willing to share those rights with Nickelodon if they made that part of the deal to license the show? This could pose a problem for the series if they became interested in it.

The other problem is the dub itself. ADV’s dub was highly Americanized, and that’s why Nick liked it. They thought it would only be successful here if they made a Shin-Chan-like dub of it, where they change all the jokes to better fit Americans. They were shown a dub of it that stayed fateful to the Japanese version, but showed utter distaste to it, because they didn’t like the jokes. Would Nick be OK with the fateful dub Funimation made? Or would they try and make them re dub the entire series to better suit an American audience?

It’s a thought provoking ordeal that would probably take a while to get settled. (If it ever happened, that is.) But, I’m certain the show would be successful if it aired here.

2.) Soul Eater


I’m sure you’ve heard of this series before. From what I’ve seen of it, the series also seems like something that could work on Nicktoons with some heavy editing.  It’s intended for children in Japan, so they could try and push for the same demographic here. The series is fun and action packed, and it seems like something that would be successful fairly fast over here.

The only problem the series would have is the heavy amount of fan service and violence it sometimes has (But c’mon. that’s to be expected with a series titled “Soul Eater” :p) But. that could be worked around if they tried hard enough (or perhaps let the show be rated TV-PG? Disney did this with Naruto Shippuden, and the fact that the editing is only minimal is very noticeable, in a good way.) Either one of these could work, and I have confidence that the series could be popular for a very long time if it aired here.

3.) Pani Poni Dash


This is a cute and colorful show that could air here with minimal editing. They could market to a female audience for the show, and it’d probably do fairly well. This series has an odd problem, and it’s not show content. It’s the length of the series. Would Nick be willing to pick up a 26 episode anime? That’s pretty short, and would only last 6 months if they aired it weekly. But in it’s defense, Nickelodeon has aired series with less episodes than that on Nicktoons, and they still continue to spam them daily, so that shouldn’t be too much a problem. It’s still an interesting series that could be fairly popular here if given the chance to shine.

4.) Dragon Ball GT

I know, guys, kinda weird choice to be on here, considering the series has aired on U.S. Television before. But, Nick will probably air this after Kai is over, as it continues the DB story for a while longer (Even if this is now considered non canon.) They could probably get the series for cheap, too, considering it’s age. They could air it weekly, and probably garner great ratings from it. It hasn’t been seen by many of the new fans DBZ Kai has brought in (Like my brother, for example.), and it’d probably be very popular. The series could probably air here without many problems in the editing department (mostly because there’s already an edited dub ready to air, so all they would need to do is use the original Japanese music. so they can please the hardcore fans. and change some of the voices to reflect the new dub.) It’d be a smart choice for both of them to license this series for air again.

5.) One Piece

This is the final thing on my list, but do I even have to mention it?  The series is fun, action packed, and it’d probably be great for kids. (You’ll see why I said “probably” soon). The series has already aired in the US before, so they know it can be successful if advertised right and given time to find an audience.

But, the series would need some heavy editing before it could air here with a TV-Y7-FV rating, and I’m not talking about the same ones I said Soul Eater would need. (In which they would only need to edit some fan service, and a few violent scenes.) I’m talking about cutting entire scenes, and rewriting scripts to find excuses for those edits, kind of like what 4kids did, but without skipping episodes for no apparent reason (this is another show they should try doing TV-PG for, if they ever got it.)

When I say the show will need heavy editing if it airs here, I say it because the series gets a lot edgier later on. There’s a lot more blood and fan service as it progresses. Sometimes, you can’t just censor it, as Oda always tries to make those things plot relevant (like the Luffy vs Crocodile fight, for example when Luffy HAD to use his blood to defeat him.) They could make it that Luffy is sweating, or something like the 4kids dub did back when they had the rights, but I can smell the fan backlash already (this is another reason why it should be TV-PG.) But, for now, this is just a dream, so who knows if it could ever happen or not?


So, those are my thoughts on 5 anime Nick could air that would garner high ratings for them, and only take some editing to be suitable for air here. I’m sure whatever they choose, though, will be a smart choice and very successful. But again, this is all just a dream. It could happen or it couldn’t: who knows? But, I guess we should keep dreaming with them and see where it leads us.

Thanks for reading~ And please comment if you agree or disagree on any of these choices I had.

  1. Aegis says:

    Very interesting! Its good to see more ideas for anime on Nicktoons! Id like to read more!

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