Despicable Me Review

Posted: July 14, 2010 by qbcomics in Uncategorized


Despicable Me is about an evil villain named Gru who wants to steal the moon. To do so he first must get the shrink ray from an opposing villain to ensure he gets a loan from the evil bank. How does he do it? He adopts three little girls to sell the opposing villain cookies. But some of those cookies are robots that actually help Gru break in with his little yellow minions to steal it. Oh and somewhere in there he grows a heart. Hi I’m the completely drug-free QBComics, and this is my review of Despicable Me. But yeah, that’s the plot of Despicable Me. It’s really hard to talk you the plot because it’s all over the place. I mean, this movie is so weird. But that’s kind of the point.

With the exception of focusing on the villain and his evil schemes, the plot is pretty standard. I mean, person with no heart adopts three little girls and his heart grows three sizes to big. It wasn’t the plot that bugged me, but how the drama was handled. The scenes where Gru bonds with the girls is really cheesy and forced. Yes you have the wide eyed shot. The “He’ll never [insert what a loving parent would do] here” (but does by the end of the movie), ect. I really wish the writers would have taken a little more time to develop that part of the story better. Another thing that might bug people (it didn’t bother me to much) is what Gru does to get that shrink ray. It all seems a little… much, doesn’t it? I mean adopting three girls to sneak into the hideout? Why not just blow it up with explosives? But to me, the movie seemed to recognize the ridiculousness of the plot and went with it.

And that brings me to the end of the negative aspects of the film. I really dug the humor and characters of the film. The characters do what they are needed to do. Vector is the rich kid bad guy, the girls are the cute factor, ect. They really work though, mostly due to the writing. The voice acting is really good here. Steve Carrel does a really good job as Gru, and I didn’t even recognize Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario. And the rest of the cast does a fine job. The humor is really good in my opinion, especially whenever one of Gru’s minions were onscreen. Whenever they were onscreen I had a smile on my face. Other jokes (such as how Gru and two minions find light to navigate Vectors ventilation system) are really clever as well. There’s slapstick, adult jokes, kid jokes, and running gags that are sure to having you laughing.

Now I personally thought the animation was great. The colors were bright and colorful, and the 3D really worked. I try not to recommend 3D because of the the ticket price increase, and usually how lazy it is, but this movie is an exception. Scenes like the roller coaster ride or blasting off into space really worked. You could tell the animators had 3D in mind when doing this film (stay during the credits of the film if you do see it in 3D). However, some of the character designs are really weird. Such as the bank owner. His design is a “love it or hate it” design. Plus his design was just so different from the others it was almost distracting in a way.

So overall Despicable Me is really good. It’s far from the absolute masterpiece that is Toy Story 3 or wonderfully done How to Train Your Dragon, but it’s a nice film to go see if you’ve already seen those. It almost reminds me of Looney Tunes in a way. It’s obviously not as good (not even close), but just the way some of the humor is done, and the ridiculousness of the plot.



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