Watch My Chops

Posted: July 2, 2010 by toonfaithful in Animation, Animation Reviews, ToonFaithful

Now, you may have heard of this show, it’s called Watch My Chops and it’s also known as Corneil and Bernie in the US here. Watch My Chops(Corneil and Bernie) is an animated series produced, written, and animated in France. The series was created by Matthew Barnard, Emmanuel Franck, and Stephen Franck. It was distributed by Millimages and was aired in the United States on Nicktoons.

Watch My Chops is about the adventures of Corneil the dog and his dog-sitter, Bernie Barges. Corneil, a highly intelligent talking dog lives in New York with his two owners and Bernie. When the owners are out, Corneil can indulge in reading Russian literature and playing the violin, until he is found out by Bernie. Not wanting to end up in a lab, Corneil agrees to help Bernie out of his constant problems in return for his silence. This is ToonFaithful here with a post about a wonderful cartoon, Corneil and Bernie!

Corneil and Bernie, to me, was an awesome cartoon and if it wasn’t for Nicktoons or the UK then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to watch it. I was so in love with this show when I was young and the first time I watched it, I was thinking, “What? A talking dog?! Awesome!” because when I was little I thought everything on Nicktoons was interesting but this had me. Okay, enough with my childhood let’s get back to business. My favorite character on this show was Corneil because he was intelligent, funny, and he could talk! Throughout the series I’ve noticed the girls in the show love him and obviously Bernie was jealous. 

Now onto Bernie. He was just a goofy, arrogant dog-sitter. I actually like both of the characters but one thing always bugged me, in almost every episode something bad happens to him. It’s one of those backfire type of things when you think something good is gonna happen but then it just backfires on you. That bugged me and the constant bullying on Bernie made me angry. I know that he’s a goofy guy but come on, give him a break. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you about the opening. I liked it. At the same time the song was catchy and funny. Here it is! The opening to Corneil and Bernie!

I haven’t seen every episode yet and I know the last episode was put on hiatus but I think it would be awesome for the last episode to have Bernie taking the ownership of Corneil. It’s been bugging me each episode. I mean, they both like each other and I know the owners are gonna give him away soon so why not give Corneil to Bernie? When they do air the last episode, it would be a miracle to have Nicktoons air it.

Again, this was a fantastic cartoon to watch and I recommend it to everyone in this universe. I don’t know when the episodes start airing again on Nicktoons but when it does, even if it’s in a death-slot, go watch it. Wake up at 2 in the morning if you have to and just watch it.

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