Don East Presents: Six Cross-Overs that Should Have Happened

Posted: June 27, 2010 by Sketch in Animation Editorials, Don East, Guest Writer

(Tomato here, with a quick side-note! We’re trying something new with Sundays here on The Scratch Pad: occasional guest articles. Today, we’ve got Don East, noted anime fan and otaku! You can check out his comedy web series, Anime Abomination, here !)

Hi, it’s me, Don East! You might know me as the host of the anime review comedy series, Anime Abomination. Or, you could recognize me as that guy on ToonZone that’s obsessed with Orihime from Bleach. (I got better.) Anyway, thanks to some good connections I’m the latest blogger for the Scratch Pad. I’m the sixth ranger of this little team, like the Green Ranger! Anyway, one thing I’m sucker for it’s a crossover. Whether it’s inter-universe, inter-company, or even inter-franchise, I can’t help but watch it. However, you look at two things that have so much in common yet they never meet. It’s like a punch to the gut and a kick to the groin at the same time. Well, after the jump, check out my list of the best crossovers that didn’t happen but should have.

6. Captain N & Super Mario Bros

I like the DiC Nintendo cartoons, with Captain N being the personal favorite. Yeah, it was hardly accurate to the original games. But, it has a good premise and there are some funny moments when you let go of the bastardization. At the same time, cartoons were made of Nintendo’s mascot and original cash cow. However, because of this, Mario & Luigi never appeared on the show would cover more obscure games like Wizards & Warriors and Faxanadu. However starting with the second season of Captain N, the Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3, the second of the three Mario shows, was paired up with it, making it an hour long Nintendo promo. So, why not have one of those hours be a couple crossovers, two Mario adventures with the N-Team and one Captain N where Mario & Luigi help out? I mean, they did have three Zelda crossovers, so what the hell? The Captain N/Super Mario World DVD is the only team we see the two shows together.

5. G.I. Joe & Transformers G1

The two most popular toy-lines Hasbro made in the 80s that are now legends of pop culture had quite a few things in common, besides their parent company. Marvel made the comics that are considered better than the more popular cartoon, (in Transformers’ case, when Simon Furman took over), the cartoon was made by the same company & contained the same voice actors, and they were directed at boys. So, why in Primus’ name was there never a crossover between the two shows? Yeah, there were countless comics, but never a cartoon, and that’s the one I want to see. Instead, we were teased with what could’ve been one in Season 3. A recurring character named Lt. Marissa Fairborne of the Earth Defense Command is strongly implied to be the daughter of Joes Flint & Lady Jaye, who were constantly implied to have more than a professional relationship in the show. And, of course, there was the episode known as Only Human where a crime boss enlists the aid of a man known as Old Snake (Not from Metal Gear Solid 4!), to sell him Snake’s artificial human tech used for his organization. When you first see him, you know it is Cobra Commander, and fans of the cartoon will know that the artificial human tech was something called “synthoids”. In the end, much like Snake’s failed attempt at giving the Cobra battle cry, Sunbow only coughed up a something to tease us.

4. Family Guy & American Dad

Seth McFarlane is a d**k. Not only does he make two shows in the same style, that obviously take place in the same universe and, as of yet, never actually do a crossover between them, but instead we get trolled twice so far at the aspect of the Griffins and the Smiths meeting up. When info for the two part 100 episode was released, it was mentioned that there would be an American Dad crossover at one point. And, by crossover, they mean having a one scene cameo by Stan & his boss at the CIA building. More recently, an episode called April In Quahog, leading up to this, was advertised as the honest to God crossover between them, turns out to be a belated April Fool’s joke that’s about as funny as Family Guy is now. There’s already been a crossover with the Cleveland Show spin-off on Family Guy, and all three shows will go on forever as long as Fox makes money off of them, so maybe there’s hope.

3. Dexter’s Laboratory & The PowerPuff Girls

Once upon a time, a young man from Pennsylvania named Craig McCracken attended California Institute of the Arts. There, he met a Russian immigrant named Genndy Tartakovsky, and his friend from Chicago, Rob Renezetti. A friendship between them was formed, and they would both work for Hanna-Barberra, Craig would help Genndy on his short about a boy genius dealing with his idiot sister in his secret laboratory, while Genndy helped Craig with his short based off of a cartoon he did in college about three crime fighting little girls. Soon, they would both be picked up by Cartoon Network (but not at the same time).  Since then, Dexter’s Lab & PPG have been fan favorites among kids of the 90s that watched Cartoon Network. However, they actually crossed over, like in the Family Guy/American Dad entry. There were several Dexter cameos in PPG, but never a full meeting of brain and brawn. I’m surprised, since Dexter actually did a crossover with Dynomutt, of all shows. Of course, the closest thing we have to a cross-over is Fusion Fall and the Bleedman comics. Ugh, I can’t believe I actually liked that glorified fanfiction, stupid teenage me.

2. Naruto & One Piece

To quote one annoyed guy insulting two people arguing, “Will you two just do it already?!” The creators of the two Shonen Jump big guns are good friends. One is sort of about ninjas and the other is sort of about pirates, and there’s been three video games featuring them. Granted, their respective anime adaptations are done by different studios. But, it could be like Cross Epoch and be an alternate universe one shot story.

1. Darkwing Duck & DuckTales

Okay, both of these shows are favorites from my childhood made by Disney, both are about ducks, and both blatantly take place in the same universe. So, why did they never have a full fledged cross-over? Yeah, Launchpad is a main character and Gizmoduck is a recurring character, but they were secondary characters on DuckTales. There’s so much to imagine, like: how would Gizmoduck feel about Darkwing in his home-town? What kind of hell would be raised when Gosalyn meets Huey, Dewey, & Louie? And, more importantly, would it explain how Launchpad left Duckberg for St. Canard? The fact the first episode with Gizmoduck has him passing through a billboard with Scrooge’s face on it, as he changes back to Fenton Crackshell, feels like salt on an open wound. And, what really highlights the stupidity is that there were indeed plans for a crossover involving Darkwing Duck and another Disney cartoon, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers. WHY!?!? I have nothing against that show, but it just doesn’t make sense. In Twitching Channels, it was established that the two shows existed in two different worlds, along with the fact  that said worlds worked differently. Rescue Rangers had humans and talking animals while Darkwing Duck had  anthropomorphic animals. Hell, having a crossover with Disney’s Gummi Bears and Gargoyles would make sense. At least there’s some similarities. With the new Darkwing and DuckTales comics, maybe we can finally get the story we dreamed of. Until then, here’s this cool fanfic where NegaDuck & Magica De Spell team up to steal Scrooge McDuck’s #1 Dime. Check it out.

(One last little side-note: thanks to Don East for putting together an awesome article! Let us know in comments whether you think he should get a permanent spot!)

  1. qbcomics says:

    Dude, I totally want that shirt.

    The article is really good. I totally agree about most of these. I mean Come on, you think G.I. Joe and Transformers would be a given!

  2. Mark Lungo says:

    Dear Don:

    I’ve been a Disney Afternoon fan from the beginning, and this is what I learned through discussion with other fans.

    1. The reason why a CDRR/Darkwing crossover was planned is because both series had the same executive producer, Tad Stones.

    2. The reason why no Disney Afternoon crossovers happened is because some bigwig at Disney TV Animation was against it. The comics people had to work hard to get peermission for the Disney Adventures semi-crossover “The Legend of the Chaos God”, and even then the characters from the various shows weren’t allowed to meet each other. It wasn’t until the Hercules/Aladdin crossover “Hercules and the Arabian Night” that Disney relaxed this attitude.

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