Remembering Miguzi

Posted: June 25, 2010 by toonfaithful in Animation, Animation Editorials, ToonamiFaithful

Hey guys it’s me ToonFaithful giving you another interesting article to read. This week, we’re gonna talk about a block. A cancelled block. The afternoon block was called Miguzi. Miguzi debuted April 19th, 2004 with a lineup of mostly action cartoons. Teen Titans, Totally Spies!, Static Shock, Code Lyoko and other shows premiered on the block giving some of these shows the opportunity to air new episodes.

In my opinion, this was one of my favorite afternoon blocks. I loved each and every single show that aired on the block. It gave me a chance to catch up on Static Shock episodes, watch new Code Lyoko and Totally Spies! episodes. I forgot a show and I’m sure there are other cartoons that premiered on this block but the one I want to mention is Ozzy and Drix. I miss the show. Ever since Osmosis Jones, I wondered if they were gonna create a cartoon. It was nice to see it on the block.

Sad thing about this is that most of the shows don’t even air on Cartoon Network anymore. The only survivors were Totally Spies! and Codename: Kids Next Door. The other shows either have a new show, it could be cancelled, or it could be doing it’s own thing. Did this block have a host? Yes, the host’s name is Erin. She is a female and she has plenty of company with sea creatures/aliens. Erin and the gang are the ones who make Miguzi interesting.

Did this block have a theme? Yes, Miguzi is set under water, in the marina life. Erin and the gang have their own “sea house” under water and they just have a great time. That’s what Miguzi’s all about. In 2007, the block got cancelled. It was replaced by Master Control, a viewer’s choice type of block. We’ll miss you Miguzi!

Now, I know with some of Cartoon Network’s programming, it’s possible to bring Miguzi back it’s just that Cartoon Network doesn’t want it back. I know some people are pissed that it replaced Toonami’s weekday schedule and I know some people want it back for the heck of it. Miguzi will always be remembered. We’ll always stay with the gooze!

  1. Sketch says:

    They really just need a block of action cartoons on weekday afternoons again. It doesn’t have to be Toonami or Miguzi. However their current action line-up lends itself better to Miguzi perhaps. With Totally Spies and Amazing Spiez along with the toyetic anime, Ben 10 (the original and maybe Alien Force) and even Kids Next Door among others they have plenty of good shows for a new Miguzi block.

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