Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: What Happened?

Posted: June 22, 2010 by toonfaithful in Animation, Animation Editorials, ToonamiFaithful

(Hey guys it’s me ToonFaithful filling in for chdr today. Hope you enjoy this post!)

 It all started in 1998 when Cartoon Network ran its first Cartoon Cartoon Fridays intro. Kids were on the edge of their seats, waiting to find out what this so called “Cartoon Cartoon Fridays” was. It was the day for animation. Get home from school and watch new episodes of cartoons. A dream come true. 

The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed, Edd, n ‘Eddy, and others were all featured on the block. Every Friday, cartoons hosted a segment. New episodes of cartoons premiered. I can’t believe I’m saying this but awesome commercials aired. It was seriously the place to be for animation. “Hey dude, did you watch Cartoon Cartoon Fridays?!” “I sure did. What did you think of the Dexter episode?” Man, you don’t see those conversations in real life anymore. People actually talked about the episodes. Heck, Cartoon Network even had their own card game called “Cartoon Orbit”. If you tuned in to CCF you could get codes for secret cards, good times!

This all continued until 2003 when they rid the “Cartoon Cartoon” name and only left “Fridays”. Yep, the block was now called “Fridays” and featured real hosts! When I saw that it was a major step down. No cartoon hosting segments?! Wow. It was still a good block though. It had the same cartoons and the intro to it is awesome. The intro featured all cartoons trying to rush into the Cartoon Network Headquarters. It was pretty nice and you can thank Primal Screen for doing that. Anyways, even though there were real hosts they were pretty good. Bands performed songs during the block and there was some funny segments.

“Fridays” lasted until 2007, getting replaced by a lame block called Fried Dynamite. The host was a little 10-year-old named Blake who barely cared for animation. Instead, he talks about explosions and weird stuff. Nobody cared for this block, people cared for the cartoons. Friday nights were starting to be unenjoyable. It got to the point I stopped watching Cartoon Network for two years. They add a bad Friday night block and then they add a Saturday morning block called “Dynamite Action Squad”. Cartoon Network really ticked me off there.

Finally! A savior block called “You Are Here” debuted in 2008. Friday nights wasn’t about comedies now, it was about action cartoons! Ben 10 Alien Force, The Secret Saturdays, Batman The Brave and the Bold, and Star Wars The Clone Wars were all featured on the block. Wait, what am I doing? I already have a post about this. Anyways, I thought all the way back to Cartoon Cartoon Fridays and said “WTF?”. Lots of things have changed when I grew up and I won’t forget them. Not even my favorite shows.


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