On the Scene

Posted: June 18, 2010 by RacattackForce in Animation, Animation Editorials, Authors, RacattackForce, Uncategorized
(Hey, RacattackForce making a post in place of ToonFaithful tonight. Hope you kind people don’t mind my intrusion: I promise I’ll crawl back to the Land of the Weird at the end of this post.)

I ♥ animated music videos. I don’t know why: maybe they just feel so unique and out there? Maybe I just love independent stuff, and AMVs just hit the surreal nature that a good majority of independent works seem to possess. Or maybe it is simply the creative freedom these cartoonists and animators have when interpreting the music and given it visual live. Sure, live-action music videos can do this too. But animated ones can go much farther, and do literally anything that the director wants, as long as they have the artistic ability and manpower to make it come to life.

AMVs come in a variation of styles: they aren’t always in an underground comic style. Some are stop-motion. Others have a UPA-style. Yet others are CGI. There are even some that mix all of these and more together. No matter the style, however, you can usually expect something really creative and nice to watch. Whoever is doing the video often puts a little of themselves into the mix, which I really enjoy. I have yet to see an animated music video I didn’t enjoy. There isn’t much left to say, so I leave you with this…


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