What Time Is It? Adventure Time!

Posted: May 14, 2010 by toonfaithful in Animation, Animation Reviews, ToonamiFaithful

Adventure Time Title Card

Sorry for the late post but you knew this was coming. Cartoon Network’s brand new series Adventure Time with Finn and Jake makes its appearance at The Scratch Pad once again. Hey guys, it’s ToonFaithful again and I wanted to just give my thoughts on this show so far.  In March, Cartoon Network aired two sneek previews on Har Har Tharsdays. “Business Time” and “Evicted” were the two and when those segments got high ratings everyone was excited. I mean the show is awesome and it has good ratings! Signs that shows continuation. Now “Evicted” was a good episode. It had the debut of Marceline, Finn and Jake were kicked out of their house, and it had a catchy song. “Business Time” was good as well. I thought the platform the Businessmen built was neat….and dangerous. I was kind of sad the Businessmen left, hopefully we’ll see more of them later in the series.

Finn & Jake being scared by Marceline the Vampire Queen.

I’m  loving the title card art for the episodes. My favorite one so far would be “Business Time”. I love how the businessmen are chasing after Finn & Jake in the art. Oh I forgot to mention that the music for this show is awesome. One of my favorite songs from the series is from “Evicted”. It has a nice beat and it’s sung by the creator of the show Pendleton Ward! My favorite character from the show so far would be Jake. He’s voiced by John DiMaggio first of all who is the voice of Bender, Fu Dog, etc. He’s also has shape-shifting powers which no dog could have.

All in all, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is awesome. 10/10. Some of you may not like it and some of you will like it.  Watch it every Monday at 8pm on Cartoon Network!  If you want more info about Adventure Time you can visit their sites:

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time Page

Frederator’s Adventure Time Blog

  1. Sketch says:

    Adventure Time is an odd little show which I thought I’d love (as I loved the pilot) but I’m finding more and more it’s just a little too odd for my tastes. Many episodes get pretty surreal and have particularly dark humor. I guess that’s one element that earns it the PG rating on Cartoon Network.

    I think I like it but I’m just not sure at this point.

    But I do like that it’s doing well for CN because that means more cartoons.

    Now about your post. A concern that character fandom may get out of hand (if it wasn’t already and I guess it sort of is) is a topic maybe worth mentioning but not really when your giving an overview of the show.

    The whole thing about Marceline as stupid as it was doesn’t seem that relevant to an overview of the show so I think you should refrain from interjecting references to Toon Zone forum conversations in future Scratch Pad posts. Granted many people who read Scratch Pad probably are on the TZ forum but forum talk should stay on the forum.

  2. Well, you guys already know what I think about “Adventure Time” from the review over at my personal blog (it remains my most popular post). It’s a fun, surreal little show that really fits the network’s current lineup. It’s not too tongue-in-cheek, not too cynical, not too confusing: just laid-back and simple in its storytelling. It’s a series that deserves the love and ratings it gets.

    I like how personal your reviews get, making comment on the events that occur over at TZ Forums and stuff. A bit odd to do on a series overview, but a nice touch nonetheless.

  3. […] better looking place than it was when Stuart Synder made that announcement. Their new cartoons: Adventure Time, Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc., Generator Rex, Total Drama World Tour and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien have […]

  4. Jann Fuentes says:

    A.K.A Adventure time is AWSOME u should see the new episodes and now it Total Drama Island Revenge Of The Island

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