Top 5 Most Controversial Disney Moments

Posted: May 12, 2010 by qbcomics in Uncategorized

We all love Mickey Mouse and pals. Who can forget all the great moments we shared with Donald and Goofy and Minnie ? But who else remembers how weird some of these cartoons were? Now I know that they are all meant to be harmless cartoons, but if you look at it, they can be pretty messed up underneath. Hey guys, it’s QBComics back again and I’m here doing the Top 5 most controversial moments in Walt Disney shorts! Now I’ll only be doing Walt Disney shorts and I know those were different times back then, but now-a-days it’s a little weird. More below the break!#5 Mickey Hallucinating in his own Garden

In Mickey’s Garden, Mickey is trying to keep the bug away from his garden so what he does is use bug pesticide. Unfortunately Pluto caused him to inhale the substance, causing Mickey to hallucinate. Granted Mickey didn’t mean to, but it’s so odd that they would go as far to make Mickey “high.” Plus that potato with the eyes is just so freaking creepy! *shudders*

#4 Mickey in Crazy Plane

Man, Mickey was mean in this cartoon. The basic plot is that Mickey is constructing a plane to go up on, and when he builds it he offers Minnie to join him. So after the plane goes crazy and Mickey gains back control, he attempts to kiss Minnie. She refuses, so he tries again. She turns him down again. So instead of letting it go, Mickey decides to go on a little joy ride. So then after almost killing her, he asks again. Of course she says no, so he decides to do it anyway. Finally Minnie ditches and parachutes safely down to the ground. Now I love this cartoon, but man he could have handled the situation better. But it is interesting to see Mickey in his earlier more mischievous years.

#3 Barnyard Battle

In Barnyard Battle, Mickey is entering the army. Now this cartoon is less controversial and more odd if anything. It’s so odd to see Mickey out of his normal odd job placements and into the army. However it is still controversial because this cartoon was actually banned from Germany in 1930, because of the pickelhauben (a type of helmet used by Germans way back then) worn by the cats in the cartoon. The fact that this cartoon is banned and places Mickey in such an unusual situation definitely deserves the number 3 spot.

#2 Mickey using animals as instruments in Steamboat Willie


Towards the end of Steamboat Willie, Mickey and Minnie start playing some tunes using animals. The controversial thing about this is that he kinda abuses the animals. I know I may sound like I’m overreacting, but if you go watch the short just watch the animals. I mean, Mickey twirls a cat above his head by its tail, yanks a duck’s neck back and forth and abuses the pigs quite a lot to the point where it may be a bit disturbing. If you visit the disneyanimation Youtube channel you’ll notice it’s edited down to not show the underbelly of the pig. Really, really weird.


Der Fuehrer’s Face!

Now let me just say that I love this short. I think it’s a great short and makes fun of the Nazi army very well. That being said it is very controversial. I mean Donald Duck prancing around on-screen being forced to hail Hitler?  ? Swastikas? Wow, this is definitely not your typical princess movie. This short even has a few prejudice characters in the beginning of the short. If that isn’t enough to convince you this deserves the number one spot then I don’t know what does. However Walt Disney was a genius, and I commend him for taking such a risk. It’s a great cartoon and I would recommend you to see it.

So that’s my Top 5 most Controversial Disney moments! I hope you enjoyed this post and continue to read The Scratch Pad. Even if you didn’t I would love to hear how we can improve in the comments below. You can also follow the whole Scratch Pad gang on Twitter. See you next Wednesday! 🙂


  1. Jeff Harris says:

    Loved the early Disney shorts, before they sanitized themselves. Mickey did used to be funny and mischievous. Epic Mickey is returning the character to those roots, and I will get a Wii just to that game. I am serious.

    And I haven’t seen Der Fuehrer’s Face since I was a child (I’m 32 now; do the math).

  2. cohen says:

    I think the first one was made as a form of propaganda. As near the end, Donald is speaking perfect English, unlike what he usually does. He says “It feels great to be a citizen of the United States” This shows it must have either been propaganda Disney made, or he felt it was ok to laugh at Hitler and his group in the form of cartoons.

    Does Donald ever speak perfect English though?

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