Make Way For A Revolution: Generator Rex

Posted: May 7, 2010 by toonfaithful in Animation, Animation Reviews, ToonamiFaithful

Logo for Generator Rex

Alright, this show seems to get better and better after every episode! Lets start by introducing myself. My name is ToonFaithful aka Mr. Freeze from Toon Zone Forums. Now, this show is my favorite in the YAH(You Are Here)  lineup and it has many plot twists to come.

Generator Rex is an American animated television series created by Man of Action. Yes, Man of Action. The group who worked on the Ben 10 franchise. Don’t think Generator Rex has the same plot as Ben 1o because it’s way different. The opening, the song is awesome and as RacattackForce pointed out, it has a comic feel to it. Funny thing is that Generator Rex was based on the comic M. Rex, published by Image Comics. I haven’t read the comics but since I’m enjoying this show I might as well check the comic out. Anyways, I’ve seen the music video which is used in the opening and it’s awesome! The song is called “Revolution” by Orange, availible on Cartoon Network Video, check it out! All in all the opening was great and for the people who criticize it, I don’t care.

The first episode was alright. 3 seconds after the show began it explained how the world had an explosion leading to Rex recieving the nanites. It seemed rushed but I didn’t care, I wanted the action! Of course we see Rex doing his own thing by curing the EVOs. Let me tell you what an EVO is. They are mindless creatures that are a danger to everything. I’m not gonna spoil the rest of the episode because that’s for you to watch.

The series is getting better and better. I’m being honest. Each of the episodes make you want to watch more. You’re gonna enjoy the series, trust me. Tonight, on a new episode of Generator Rex, there was a girl named Circe and I like her abilities and personality.

I don’t know what to say about this series. It’s 10:00pm and I am so tired right now. So to wrap up this review I’m have to give this series an 8/10 so far. Only 3 episodes have aired so I think a 10/10 will come during one of the upcoming episodes. I recommend this to everyone! Please watch it every Friday @ 8:30pm! Goodnight!

  1. sketchor says:

    So far I’m enjoying Generator Rex. I think a lot of people have been too hard on it and the character of Rex in particular. He doesn’t seem like a bad protagonist to me. A bit irresponsible and hot-headed but that sounds like just about every shounen hero to me so I’m down.

    The villians are pretty good so far at least the main villian.

    I like the subtle lessons thrown into some episodes. They’re not too terribly preachy but still present a positive message.

    And unlike every other action toon on CN besides Batman this show is actually “fun” so I’ll be keeping up with it on CN Video.

  2. Spaceman says:

    Rex is getting better and better with each new episode. It has the intricately choreographed action of Samurai Jack, the hi-tech designs of Megas XLR and the witty banter of Secret Saturdays. Hopefully MoA won’t drop the ball in the long run, because this show’s got potential.

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